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Judy- A frustrated mom of pregnant teen - February 15

Why are you all so h__l bent on being pregnant? What do you think you have to gain by having a baby, when you're still so young? A mature teenager would respect herself/himself enough to abstain until they are able to support themselves. It's so sad that there is even a forum for teen pregnancy. What's this world coming to. When you are older, men have much more respect for virgins and find them much more desirable then teen s___ts. Atleast wait until you are 18 for cryin out loud.


Mommy2Kylie - February 15

You know what, I was 18 when I got pregnant, that still didn't make me ready for a baby. Theres a Teen Pregnancy forum so that young girls can get support. What are you gaining by coming here and putting people down? Are you an adult? If so then why would you purposley come to this board and bash the teens here? That is immature. You don't know peoples stories so please stop acting like you do. Teenagers arn't supposed to be 'mature adults' thats why they're called teenagers. They're still immature, deal with it. Its not your problem, these girls arn't your kids. How do you know their ALL s___ts? Don't come here and start making a__sumptions about people you don't know, thats not cool at all.


Hi - February 15

Hear hear mommy2kylie, I don't understand why she's on bashing pregnant teens either, god help her poor daughter. Judy you should seriously look at why your pregnant teen had to go elsewhere for comfort. Most teenagers are hellbent on being loved for who they are not getting pregnant. I don't believe very many men today are marrying virgins, what a statement!!!!!! Get over it and help that poor child, after all she only knows what she's been showed.


Judy - February 15

Actually, I am being very supportive to my daughter. She made a huge mistake, and now we ALL have to pay the price. She came to me right away, BECAUSE SHE KNEW SHE COULD. She knows how disappointed I am, but she also knows i'll do anything for her. She found this website when she was trying to figure out if she was pregnant, and showed it to me. I just wish you would all listen to those of us who are older and so much wiser.


Hi - February 15

I'm not a teenager, I volunteer my time here and you have no right to speak to anyone like that, most people here are older and wiser, especially those girls that have been there and done that, however in order to help these girls you have to ty to remember what it was like when you were a teenager, it was not easy AT ALL and we are just trying to support. If we were not here for these girls with an unbiased opinion they most likely would have no-one. I'm glad your daughter has you and of course your dissapointed but let her know it's not her your dissapointed with it her loss of an uncomplicated future, she's a child. I guess what i'm trying to say is be mad but you STILL LOVE HER make sure you tell her that.


Judy - February 15

Thank you "Hi." You're right, and to anyone offended, i'm sorry. You just can't imagne the disappointment a parent feels when you hear your teenage daughter is pregnant. This will change her life, her boyfriends, and all the grandparents to be as well as my 6 year old daughter who is going to be an Aunt. My sadness and anger was mis-directed. Thank you for setting me straight. Apologies to Mommy2Kylie and any others i've offended.


Re: judy - February 15

You need not apologize for being a mom that is frustrated because there child and the boyfriend/or girlfriend did not consider the impact that it would have on everyones life not just theirs. The fact that teens now adays continue to have unprotected s_x or s_x at all just amazes me, they seem not to learn from friends mistakes and also some of them just seem to thing that the parents will be there to help them out and if you get completely mad at them then you will be labeled an unsupportive parent. But did they think about how much it would change your lives? No not at all, and saying they were caught up in the moment is no excuse any more and of course they know they will have most parents here to support them, and that to me is unfair and also very irresponsible of them.


KM - February 15

I still think she was out of line to Mommy2Kylie, and the appology was definitely called for. Judy, I can imagine how hard it must be to see your little girl as a mom. But you need to be there for her, do not make her feel as if she has done something wrong. She will feel as if she isn't valued, and may think that your view is that she always messes everything up. Support her.You will be very proud when the baby comes, things will change trust me.I got pregnant at 18 myself and went through this with my dad. He definitely came around after the baby was born.I was lucky I had my mom's support 100% the whole time. She needs you more than anything right now. Keep in mind some pregnancies are accidents.There are 13,14 etc, year old teens who dont know any better and are careless about s_x, so duh they get pregnant. But accidents happen, I got pregnant on the pill. I was responsible, and I am only with one guy and have only been with him. I am lucky because he is staying around and is a responsible father. I'm not a s___t, so its definitely a stereotype that its just s___ts that get pregnant. The last thing you need to be doing right now is making your daughter feel like a s___t, she may already been getting this feeling from strangers' and her peers' reactions to her pregnancy. Also, this will not change her boyfriends. If a guy loves her for who she is, the fact that she has a kid wont matter, if the guy is mature.I know quite a few girls that go to a mom and baby support group with me who have very supportive loving bfs, who arent the fathers of their babies. As far as your daughter being an aunt, every family is unique these days. I was an aunt when I was two! but that is because there is a big age difference between myself and my siblings. Maybe you should try to find a support group in your area for moms of pregnant teens. I think you need to talk to women who can relate to you situation.


becca - February 16

judy okay so you dont agree with teenage pregnancy but it does not make us s___ts because i am not a s___t and im sure the other girls on here arnt s___ts. and when are you really ready for a baby not at a certen age ur ready wen your ready if that makes sense, im 15 got pregnant by mistake but i chose not 2 have an abortion because it wasnt for me im due in 2.5 weeks so scared but isnt every first time mum so dont judge a book by its cover itsjust not nice and why ryou on here if u dont like the fact that there is even a forum for teenmum and mums to be ( ur not wiser i just red ur replys and actully ur the only one c_mming out with all the swear words u need to shut up and move on u sound really old fasioned and PERFETIC IF YOU DNT AGREE THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING GOD THIS MAKES ME MAD!!!


qt - February 17

shut up!!


Chantelle - February 17

I am 17 years old and pregnant, my mom was great about it... Some moms are and then you have some like Judy who thinks all teenagers having children are people you should be disappointed in... Well I am only 17 but I have the mentality of probably a 23 year old... And if you think that getting rapped and having a child is something that can be forgiven that you are in my eyes a very sick and disturbed person... I maybe 17 but having a child at this age is what I want! Having a baby is such a beautiful thing no matter how old the mother is... Just no offense but the way you talk about you and your family having to 'pay the price' well if that's the way you see your daughter going through something so great then maybe you should sit back and relize how the world has changed! I see more responsible teen mothers then mothers who are probably your age! But hey if you need to come on here and start slamming pregnant teens then maybe you should sit down and think about what it is you'll be getting out of it???


ythf - February 20



bump - September 23




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