Teenagers Do They Ever Think Of The Child

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Hannah - May 16

I my self am a teen mom so I can understand what is going through you're heads,because I was the same way. I've seen alot of very yong girls post in here saying that they want a baby. I see people telling them that it will make there lives harder,and they wont have there teenage years and stuff like that. What I dont here is anyone talking about these potential children. What about there lives? At 12years old or even18 years old how can you realy afford to raise these children? What kind of life can they have? It's just not fair to them they don't ask to be bourn to parents that cant afford to feed them or put a roof over there heads with out help from a family member or goverment assistence. I look at my lil boy everyday and wonder if I'm doing the wright thing by him. So please spare these children,spare them hunger and poverty. All I'm trying to say is WATE,WATE tell you can fully support you're children befor you have them. Dont be selfish and have them just to fill you're own need's.


Paula - May 16

Amen , can we say selfish to all of these teenage wannabe mothers?


Hannah - May 16

I'm just trying to get them to think befor the deside to have baby's. I'm not trying to be mean to anyone. Just so all of the teenage mom's know. And wanting a baby as a teenager is often to fell a void in there lives. They should find out what that void realy is and go to counceling to fix it. Then when they get much older and are finantualy ready they should have kid's.


Hannah - May 16



KM - May 17

I am not for teenage pregnancy. but sometimes money is not an issue. I am 19, and my son is by no means hard done by. I am able to provide for him just as well as any 30 yr old could.


becca - May 18

im 15 and a mum and paris (my daughter) has all she needs


Jessica - May 18

I think you are exactly right, i am with you 100% but there are many parents who can afford there childs needs and if not they have family who will help them and i am 16 and i am a d__n good m other and my baby girl has everything she needs and i am in high school and so is her father we both work and have our own house and provide for our child and we doit d__n well and i am proud of my baby girl



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