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Teenfatherlkng4hlp - September 28

I am a boyfriend of a pregnet teen and i need help to i know that most of you have been walked out on or left or even hurt but i want to be here for my child and my girl i want to be a responsible father so please help me My question really is my girlfriend wants to live with me and im only 15 she is 16 and will be 17 in november and her mom will not let her come live with me is there somthing she can do because she is pregnet despit what her mother says


Steph - September 28

Nope. She legally her parents have control over her regardless of whether or not she is pregnant. It would probably be the best thing for her to stay living at home and have her parents help out with the baby and you need to make sure that you finish school and go on to college to get a good job as you now have a child to care for for the rest of your life.


Melissa - September 29

Um....I dont know know if that last comment was completely correct....I work in an ER and if a minor has given birth or is pregnant she is responsible for herself and can sign any doc_ments regarding her care or medical decisions...so if that is true...wouldnt that kind of emancipate herself from her parents?.....I live in California..i dont know about other states.....but here..i think once you have a child..you arent really considered one anymore...as far as parents having control over you.....


luka - September 29

if a person can prove to the courts that he/she is highly capable to taking care of herself, without her parents, she can live by herself. this is a rule in england, i dont know about america:s


Meg - September 29

Nope, you can only be emancipated if you can show the court you can support yourself....meaning have a good paying job, and a roof over your head.


Steph to Melissa - September 29

I am a paralegal and, at least in my state, your parents are legally responsible for you until you are age 18. Regardless of whether or not she can sign her own medical doc_ments at the hospitals here, her parents are still responsible for her being. In order to be emancipated in Washington you have to prove to the court that you are self-sufficent, job, stable income, stable place to live, and good reason (not I want to live with my b/f because I'm pregnant) to be emancipated. Emancipation usually takes place when parents or guardians are abusing the children at a later age or taking money from a trust account that the guardians/parents are supposed to be saving for the child once she he/she reaches the age of 18.


becky suezy - September 29

I am a lawyer and i know for a fact that you gf is not legally able to be on her own unless emanicipated. however, no one can really force the girl to stay at home. if the parents take action she can always keep running away until she turns 18. in some states the age is 21 but not enforced by the parents.


Steph - September 29

There is no state that 21 is the age wherein your parents are no longer responsible for you. Quit being a silly little girl and give proper answers that are actually able to help people.


becky suezy - October 2

hey steph, i wasn't posting my message for you so maybe you could mind your on business sweethart. this little girl will have you p__sing in your pull ups, honey. Anyway states in which the age is 21 is alabama, mississippi, utah, and philadelphia.


Ashlie - October 2

I know in wisconsin you can be legally emancipated at 16, and at the age of 17 if you "run away" the state wont do c___p about it. So I guess it all depends on what state you live in, I was emancipated and able to live with my bf when I was pregnant and I was 17, it was in the best interest for me and my child, but my bf was also 20 and able to care for me.


Ashlie - October 2

P.S. if you do a little research online you will be able to find out what the legal age is for emancipation, as did I. and I have yet to find a state where the age is 21. It is usually 18 or younger.



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