Teens Having Twins

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natashajo - February 12

Doctor did ultrasound at six weeks to see how far along i was since the date of my last period was a little confusing (that's another story) When I went back on 2/3 he did another ultrasound and I just about passed out when my mother looked at the doctor and said "Oh my goodness am I seeing two in there." Of course the doctor had to nod and agree with her, there were definetly two little buns in the oven. I am currently twelve weeks pregnant with fraternal (not identical)twins. Their heartrates are 171 and 176 that seems really high to me, is it? My 40 week due date is 8/28/09 but the doctor said that term for twins is 37 weeks which would make my due date 8/7/09 not really sure which date I am supposed to go by. Both my parents and my boyfriend and his family have been very supportive so far. By the way I am almost 18 and my boyfriend is 20 we have been dating for four years. I am really scared, they said there are more complications with twins. I am already showing and have to wear maternity pants. My heartburn is bad and by skin seems very dry and itchy. I have alot of nausea and vommiting going on and I sleep alot and have been very very moody this first trimester. Although it is starting to get a little better. Are there any other teens out there who are having twins? I feel kinda alone and would love someone to talk to who is going through the same thing. My next doctors appt is feb 26 after that i will start going to see the doctor every two weeks, since I am high risk. See that makes me nervous to. Am I high risk because I'm having twins or because I am young and having twins? Anyway, would love to have comments from you thanks for listening.


amanda17 - February 12

Hi natashajo, congratulations on your twins! Sorry I can't relate, but I'm 18 and I have a daughter, and I know someone who was pregnant with twins... Maybe I could be of some help. First question, their heartrate isn't high, it's actually great. Second question, you should go by your 40 week due date when monitoring development, just keep in mind you probably won't make it that far. Having twins is tough and yes your pregnancy will probably be more difficult than most... Your symptoms will probably be twice as severe. But, it'll be worth it! You can use lotion for your skin, if it has vitamin E that's really good too. There are some special lotions for pregnant women that help with stretch marks and itching, I believe. The nausea and vomiting is normal, and it's also normal for it to start to fade in the second trimester (you're only one week away from entering the second trimester. Which is good news, because that's the easiest of the trimesters) You are at high risk because you are having twins, though some doctors believe age has something to do with it. You don't need to worry about that because you're 18... doctors that say that are talking about like 13 or 14 year olds who's bodies just can't handle pregnancy. Don't let the term 'high risk' scare you... just think of it this way. You have two babies so you need more care then someone who only has one. Good luck, and again congratulations.


durante baby - February 12

some tips on stretch marks.....Burt's Bees makes a oil....it is obviously very oily, but if you use it everynight and anytime during the day when you can, it helps alot with itching and stretch marks......I went my whole first pregnancy with out getting any stretch marks and i was very proud of it....lol but then i had a emergency c-section that lasted 2 mins from first incision so all the drs pulling and tugging gave me a few....by the time i had my second i was lazy and didnt care so i just used anti itch cream when i needed it and still my stretch marks are fairly minute for a small framed woman who has had 2 kids....deffinatly pick yourself up some of the Burt's Bees oil...i dont know where you live or if you have this place where you live but i always bought mine at Wild Oats Congrats, on the twins and Amanda pretty much covered everything else.....If you have any other questions feel free to ask me..i have no twins, but I have two babies of my own, and i watch WAY TOO MUCH discovery health< so i can do my best to answer for you....Goodluck and happy pregnancy!!!


amanda17 - February 13

lol I watch too much discovery health too... And I'm always watching a baby story on TLC... Oh man if you want parenting advice on multiples watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 (they have twins AND s_xtuplets!). They are AWESOME parents and I get a lot of ideas on how I want to raise Ellie from that show.


durante baby - February 14

OMG Amanda dh wants to kill me sometimes cause discovery health is all i want to watch.Man i should have been a doctor or something...lol


amanda17 - February 15

I'm lucky, Harold is just as addicted as I am :)


durante baby - February 16

lol.not here!! dh gets grossed out by it.I love watching dr G medical examiner, and code blue and those gross dh out the most!.....haha before igot with dh, his brother was with my sister and we all lived together. his brother and i were best friends, and we would have our popcorn tv nights, like 3 times a week. WE made home made popcorn that everyone hated but us, first 2 hours of the tv was mutual tv time, next 2 hours was his choice, and the last two hours was my time....we had to have the last 2 hours my time cause he would get so grossed out by my medical shows that he would just roll over on the couch and moan in disgust til he fell asleep....hahaha Aww I miss those days...now i have to myspace him some reminiscent memories... *tear*


amanda17 - February 16

Harold has changed a bunch since we first met... I had a problem with him watching movies, just any movie. I'm a huge movie person and he neeeeeeever watched them. Now we have a movie night at least once a week and he'll watch next to anything. Even chick flicks sometimes haha.


durante baby - February 16

lol I never have a problem getting Jimmy to watch chick flicks! he loves them...horror movies he hates though....he is such a woman! I love the Hills and i always watch it online so i dont have to put all the boys in the house through it and everytime i am done dh ask me what it was about and if it was good. At first i thought he was just asking to be nice then I started catching him going online and watching it himself....haha i just keep my mouth shut cause if i made un of him for it, he would feel like less of a man or something.


durante baby - February 16

Amanda do you have MSN? if so add me durantebaby AT hotmail DOT com


amanda17 - February 16

I don't have MSN I have AIM... I'm never on though and I think you added me a few months back lol



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