Teens Please Read

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CM - December 3

After reading a few questions i just need to say that all of you 12-18 yr olds should NOT be having SEX!!! The consequences obviously terrify you girls soo much.....then why are you doing it!?!?! I fthe thought of getting pregnant scares you and you know it is something you cannot handle then just wait. There is plenty of time to have s_x when you get older and are more informed. I waited until i was 19 and i am verrrrry happy i did. My sister got pregnant when she was 17 and i saw all of the many struggles she went through. PLEASE i really am trying to help...DONT do something that you cant handle the consequences of!!


Karlee - December 5

Thank you for your concern but do you actually think that anyone here is going to listen to you? ... people don't want to be preached too.


T - December 5

16 is the legal age to have s_x in the United Kingdom. 18 is a legal adult in the United Kingdom. By no means is having s_x a good thing to do. Its just part of life. But you should change your ages there. 18 is fine. Nothing wrong with that. A good few 18year olds are very responsibe and mature and they are adults. Just as 16 year olds can be mature and responsible. I understand why you posted this and you are right. They shouldn't have s_x unless they know the consequences. But unfortunately this doesn't happen. A lot of girls read what you say but are used to being told this so it goes in one ear and out the other. I wish it was another way. Unfortunately they dont listen so all we can do is advise and help.


unowen - December 6

look leave it out some of us girl no what we are doing or actually are pushed into doing it so there i dont care if u seen ur sister doing it the age of 17 that was her choice now leave us girls alone


Karlee - December 6

Well i live in canada and the age of s_xual consent is 14. Both young men and young women are going to have s_x. We would be wasting our time if we just keep telling these teens when to and when not to have s_x. Why not put that wasted energy into trying to educate teens on birth control, STI protection and emotional issues surrounding s_x? Who are any of us to decide what age is approprate to have s_x? Everyone is different and everyone matures at different rates.


Jet - December 6

To 'unowen' it sounds as if you aren't grown up enough to be 'doing it' it if you are so childish as to say 'so there'. No-one needs to be pushed into 'doing it', you can be strong and say no. And if a guy won't take no for answer - they aren't worth it and you should leave.


oh - December 6

0h no u done did i now


amy - December 6

y dus everyone make s_x out to be a big big deal? it's a part of life, it's how we we're all created. & y do so many ppl go on about teenagers getting pregnant? im sure if it was such a major crime we wudn't be fertile as young as 14/15. People really need to relax, if people wern't so uptight about it then maybe so many teens wouldn't get pregnant or struggle wen they are.


Allyson - December 8

First of all its not ur place to be telling them they shouldn't be having s_x. its there life NOT yours and if they made a mistake they learn from it and get a baby to love for ever! leave them be GOSH!


Ca__sy - December 9

We just need adivice because we have no one else to ask about this stuff well i know i dont because my mom died in april and im 3 months pregnant and i just need advice.



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