Teens Should Not Have Kids

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momo - December 31

Teen Mothers Developing effective strategies to help disadvantaged youth make successful transitions to adulthood is an enormous challenge for social policy. MDRC projects have tested a range of innovative interventions for low-income youth who have dropped out of school, are at risk of dropping out, or are teen parents. Some programs aimed primarily to improve participants’ high school completion rates or marketable job skills; others were more comprehensive strategies aimed at addressing a broader range of needs. Many MDRC projects have evaluated programs serving young people outside traditional schools. In the New Chance demonstration, MDRC developed and studied a program of services targeted to young mothers and intended to help them build basic skills, parent more effectively, and move toward greater self-sufficiency. In Ohio’s Learning, Earning, and Parenting Program evaluation, MDRC studied a state initiative that used a combination of incentives and sanctions to encourage young mothers receiving welfare to attend school and earn a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. MDRC organized the JOBSTART demonstration to test a program of education, training, and support services for low-income youth who lacked a high school diploma or GED. We examined its implementation and its effects on employment, welfare receipt, and other outcomes. The Center for Employment Training in San Jose was identified as unusually effective in serving youth, prompting an effort to replicate this program nationally. MDRC is currently studying the implementation of services in these replication sites and their effects on employment and other key outcomes.


t - December 31

Do you know if this is nationally available in the US only or is it international? A lot of these girls here are from the UK and I believe some are even Aussies. Not a teen myself, but this sounds like a good program.


KAREN - December 31




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