Teens Trying To Get Pregnant

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seven - December 27

hey, if there are any teens trying to get pregnant post a message here. sometimes it helps to talk to other people going through the same thing, and trying to have a child can be stressfull, and talking to others just may help. well good luck to all you wanna be moms! if any one has msn and wants to chat my e-mail is [email protected] aim is sevenmansen and of course for those of you with icq my number is 22584982. so add me to one or all and post your messages here too! have a good one!


Ami - December 28

hey, im trying!!! good luck to u!!!


rachel - December 28

hey i am nearly 19 and trying too. how old are you seven????????


Misti - December 28

im 19 and trying too get pregnant too been tryig for quite some time


leslie - December 28

why are you girls trying to get pregnant at such a young age--honestly what are your reasons??


seven - December 28

hey rachel, i'm 17. only been trying for one cycle and got my fingers crossed! how long has everyone been trying for?


rachel - December 29

ive been trying for 2 month but we have been havin unprotected s_x for a few year and its just never happened. i am taking ovulex now to try and help. are u takin pre natels etc. do u nd ur partner live together. me and my fiance have been 2gether 3 yrs livin together for 2...my 2 young sisters live with me 2!!


seven - December 29

yea i am taking prenatel vites nnow just incase we do i would like to have the folic acid in my system when we do get pregnant. we dont live together but we are going to be moving out together shortly.


Misti - December 29

i wish you luck seven i am soon to be married havent started fertility drugs yet but may be soon.


mon17 - December 30

Hey, Im 17 and near the end of my pregnancy. It wasn't a planned pregnancy I was on the pill. But to let all of you know you dont realize what you actually have to give up until its to late you prolly think you know but in reality you dont. And you have no idea how much it costs. my sons not even born yet and Ive already spent about a thousand dollars. It also takes alot out of you being pregnant. The only reason Ive actually made it is prolly due to the fact that im living with my mom and the dad of the baby. And all our family is really supportive. And if you havent finished school or gotten a good career. Good luck acomplishing that with a brand new baby. Their are programs for it but that really doesn't make it that much easier. Im still in school and its really hard. When I got pregnant I thought it was going to be easy but its really not. Its prolly one of the hardest things I have gone through and the thoughest part has yet to come. I think if your really thinking about doing this you should talk to a teenage mom and find out what its like for them. All you have to do is ask them. Im sure they wouldn't mind especially knowing your trying for a baby.


missy - December 30

thank you mon17 for sharing that with these girls!! They all need a little wake up call!!! WAKE UP GIRLS you are way too young. Get a puppy dog if you want something cute and cuddly!!! Honestly what are your reasons for wanting a baby at such a young age??


Ashley - December 30

Lood to you "wonderers" our reasons for getting pregnant are our own...just as yours are your own for not getting pregnant young im almost 19 and if i wasnt so sick i would be trying too...you just need to realize that our decisions are our own just as yours are your own we dont need to explain ourselves to you at all....if its what we want its what we want...we dont question you as to why you didnt do it....its our reasoning and you shouldnt need an explination...this board is for us to support each other and the hate just takes that away....so have an open heart and mind and let us do what we beleive is right..please...theres enough stress already <3 Ash ps if any of you girls ever need to talk my aim is mydeadlysins05 and my email is the same @yahoo.com


Ca__sie - December 31

I agree that some people are very judgemental. You shouldn't a__sume people are being irresponsable trying to get pregnant- you don't know their situation. I just turned 19 and have been married for a year and a half. My husband just went to Iraq and I am also in the military. I am 33 weeks pregnant and this was definantly a planned pregnancy. I couldn't be happier... well I guess I will be when my husband gets back to the states!


to ashley - December 31

i now this board is for support, but i refuse to support 16, 17 year old CHILDREN trying to have CHILDREN. in my opinion its insanity. on the other hand, not everyone is in that boat. many girls get there lives together early, and may be financially, and emotionally ready for a baby, of course! but the odds are, most are not. its not hate, im not trying to be hateful, or put ANYONE down, and please dont think that. its out of concern, and sympathy for these young girls who dont know what they are getting themselves into, and trying to bring a baby into that as well!! mon17, i completely 100% agree with everything u said. im in the same boat. im not gonna say that i regret getting pregnant, nor will i treat my child any diff. due to it being unplanned, BUT i would say if i would of known what i was in for, i would of been a little bit more careful.


mattysmomma - January 1

I am 33 weeks pregnant and 31 years old, yes it seems like I am kinda old to be on a teen forum, but I browse all sights of these forums. I have to say, I notice a lot of "teens" getting on here and saying who is too young, and has no business getting pregnant, and not just this post either. Well let me be the first to sett everyone straight, I am not agreeing with the young teens, like the 14 and 12 etc., getting pregnant because they can't even go out and find a job, let alone support a human being that will be dependent on them, let alone the emotional status of a very young teen who most of the times say "Their parents will help them". If you still need help from your parents then, no you have no business having a child, but their are young 18, and 19 year olds that do have it together to have a child. It is not really the age that counts, in some cases with the extremely young yes, but I do know grown adults that have NO business bringing a child into the world, and I am talking about grown married adults in their 30's that should have it together. My friend whom is in her 30's that I grew up with had a husband with a drug problem, she refused to leave him, he came home from a binge and beat her, raped his own daughter, and took their 3 year old son, she has not seen him since, it has been 3 months since she has seen her baby...now she calls me up saying that she wished she had put her children first rather that thinking like a selfish 2 year old, not trying to put anyone down, but you know this woman should have thought like a grown woman with children, not like a 14 year old with a crush. I practice law and it took long hard studying hours to get where I am today, all I am saying is I would rather see a 18 year old with 2 jobs support her child, rather then a 30 year old screw up some poor child's life...I get a lot of cases, mostly from idiot grown adults in the dumbest situations, and 14 year olds coming with their parents because they tried to get pregnant and their boyfriends were all for it at first, but then when the baby came along, those boyfriends were looking at those cute little cheerleaders that had more time to "hangout". Ladies, please this is a reality of life, I wish I could show you my cases and you would cry at most of them. Babies are great, I admit I was a teen once and I wanted a baby, but I had to get my act together first....Have a happy New Year, and God Bless You all


Misti - January 2

Ok those of u who are pregnant and think we shouldnt have a baby good for you u cant say much some of u are younger than some of us.I know it is hard and who r u to say we dont have our lives togeather i think at 19 i deserve a kid and i dont have to explin my self.However i want you to know we all have the right to do what we want.


Dawn to xolovelyxo - January 3

"the ones that want a child are probly just like me commited in a realtionship and have a good man!!" Yeah right. Do you even know how many of these "good men" actually WILL still be with you when this baby is born? It's a very LOW number. Teens getting pregnant is what p__ses us ADULTS off. Get off your high horse and realise that it takes more than "love" to raise a baby. You're gonna need the help and support of ADULTS (and maybe even the government) to raise your baby. Believe it or not girls, it ALSO take money to raise a baby.



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