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?? - August 24

I was just wondering if any one under the age of 20 has had two children already. I just wanted to know how hard it is and how your life is going whether it's good or bad. Whats it like having two at the same time?


Momab - August 24

I am 17 with 2 and 1 on the way. It is hard as heck. especially since I am on my own.


to: Momab - August 24

you have two at age 17 adn another one on the way...are they all from different fathers??????


MomaB - August 24



to: momab - August 24

girl whats wrong with u? I mean there are bc offered practically everywhere. Well good luck.


?? - August 24

Yes, good luck Momab. I always say, life is only hard if you make it that way, turn all negative experiences into positive ones and keep your faith. All your babies will grow up one day and thank you for your hard work. I'm still wondering from other teens what it's like with two babies. Anyone?


Shailee - August 24

Hey there :) Im 19, i had my first son when i was 16, and then i had my daughter 8 months ago. I am single, but they both have the same daddy. (he;'s not in the picture) I think its a bit of a shock in the beginning, a lot of people look down on you for having the baby, immediately think you are trash, and will abuse and neglect your child. I work 2 jobs, (one in childcare and one in an office) to support my kids, and i love them to death. I enjoy every second with them. I have been very lucky, i have very calm well behaved bubs, so they are not much trouble. We live in our own place, and sometimes we do struggle a bit on occasions, but i have been very lucky, i have some very supportive friends and family. I know a lot of teen mums that do it a lot harder than i do, that are a lot more disadvantaged. Ive been very lucky. :) so there you, go welcome to my life lol :D good luck you all


?? - August 25

Thanks Shailee, I'm glad to hear other teen mothers are doing well!! I know I'm not the only teen mother and I hope other girls know that in hard times, there are other girls out there doing the same thing and over coming tough experiences. Thanks everyone for your posts!


shandi - August 26

i am 20 and have one two year old and one on the way i lost a baby at four months when i was 19, many of my friends have had kids as well. I recon its hard at any age to have to have kids everyone has different curc_mstances. Truth is i love being a mum sure its hard at times but when they smile or laugh all the dark clouds float away and you see nothing but sunshine, its worth it.


katie - August 26

im 19 with a a daughter not even 1 yet and i have another one on the way. and the funnie part is i had my first march 21 2005 and im having my second april 21 2005. they have the same father and me and him are happliy married. i wouldnt have my life anyother way.


katie - August 26

i mean im having my second april 21 2006. my bad lol


Liza - August 26

I am nearly 18 and I have 2 kids, Mirany 2 and Scarlet 2 months. They are by different fathers but Scarlets father and I are now engaged. Its very hard work, especially with the first when I was alone.


lin - August 27

I am 18 with a daughter who will be 3 years.old in september 17, 2005 and im pregnant with my secind daughter and my due date is september 10,2005, i know it's going to be hard but i will make it especially since they have the same father and he's a good father, i get a little ashamed to say im 18 with 2 kids but that was my responsibility and im doing what i have to do. i love both of my daughters regardless and they are going to love me regardless of my age so i can care less about what people have to say about me.



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