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ghost - October 13

I'm having brown blood spotting during my period time and it has come to a point where i think I'm actually pregnant. I take birth control so i thought i was fine for a while. Well I dont have any real fear about my parents finding out cause they already know I'm having s_x. And I'm not really scared of actually having a kid. I'm scared shitless that I won't be able to support it, and I'd lose my whole life over it.I'm also worried about my boyfriend. He's 17 and always has enough problems. I'm thinking about an abortion.


tish212 - October 13

first thing u need to do is take a hpt...to make sure before u get overly worked up worrying.the decision as to what to do is entirely up to u.... whatever u feel is the best decision is what u should follow but expect ur post to brin up a large debate...as well as maybe some unwanted comments.... if u need to talk I'm here to listen.... gl


no name 21 - October 13

Uhm, well..... Look at the people who had abortions... I am not trying to make you feel bad. But see how they feel now years later. Alot of people feel guilty and upset with themselves that they did it. Like they never gave it a chance.. And some people who thought about it and chose not to do it, they are glad they made that choice... They only thing you can do is look at people who went through what you are going through, and their outcomes and whether or not they are happy with them... I hope I helped inside of pushing my opinion on you, even though I think it's kind of clear where I stand on it. I know it's scary, but sometimes you have to do things that are scary in life... ya know? Make sure what you decide is REALLY want YOU want. Not based on anything else, but you know you better than anyone else. If you could mentally and emotionally take it, then consider it... But if it's not really want you want to do or could handle, then maybe you want to think about the other options... Yeah, being so young it's scary, I know... But just think through everything. To give you an idea, I have lost two babies through miscarriages... My family doesn't know about it though... And I feel guilty everyday, thinking that it is my fault and everything, even though it's not. I didn't even cause my babies' deaths, and I feel like c___p about it over a year later, and the other one is almost a year later,.. So, just think, alot. I hope I helped.. good luck, and God bless.


HeavenisMine - October 13

Why consider abortion when you don't even know if you're pregnant?:) First find out, and don't worry too much, if you were on birth control and taking it correctly, the chance of pregnancy is very slim.



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