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SmS - January 17

Ok,, it was the last day of my period and i met my bf, we didn't have s_x but we did everything bsides that! neway, my period is late now. but i have to say that i have a history for disturbed hormones bcuz i have what's called "polycistic ovaries" and one of it's symptoms is absent periods! so neway, i read that article on the net it says that u can get pregnant even if therewas no intercourse! I didn't feel ne of the pregnancy symptoms, maybe i feel just pain in my abdominal area for quite a while! but other than that not really! so. i really want ne1 to help me. but i don't know if it's only from stress cuz i think about this 24/7 from the day i saw my bf!! and i'm so afraid cuz my parents will KILL me and him! :( thanx for ur help..


tara - January 17

When you guys were doing everything else did he c_m anywhere near your v____a (pre-c_m counts as well)? Or did you sit on a wet spot that he ejacualted on? If your answer to any of these is yes then there is a chance that you can get pregnant. How long ago did this happen? if it was over 4 weeks ago you can take the home pregnancy test to get an answer or see your doctor. Your abdominal pains can also be the cause of no period yet do to your condition. Try to take one step at a time here...lets figure out if you are pregnant fist then think about your parents. If you answer those questions I can further help you... ttyl & good luck for now


Hayley - January 17

I would say the chances are very slim, with you still being on your period at the time I doubt you were ovulating, it would have been at least another week til you ovulated. Also abdominal pain is common with PCOS. I know because I've got it! Anyway, try to relax and not worry and have a blood test done at the doctors as this might be more reliable. It may just be that you haven't ovulated this month due to PCOS. Good luck xx


SmS - January 19

Well, first of all thanx for helping, so ur saying that i can get those abdominal pains bcuz i didn't have my period yet? i really really hope so. I'm so stressed out now. and i'm even afraid to know! i pray every night that all this will go away. but i don't know!! I just want to know something now! when my period is about to finish, is this the most fertile time? or after that like a week or so? plz tell me. thx


tara - January 19

Yes, that's what we are saying. No period can also cause pain. Also, here is the answer to your other question and a little bit more infor for you...Your most fertile time really depends on your period cycle. Most fertile time is known to be 14 days BEFORE your NEXT period. It's easy to tell if you are on a 28 day cycle (then it would be 14days after the period). But if your period is generally irregular then it's harder to tell when your ovulating. Ovulation lasts for 48 hours but the sperm can stay in a woman 3-5days. so you have about a week to 10 days that can be pretty dangerouse for getting pregnant. I count 5days before ovulation and 5days after to be safe. Hope this helps. The only way to be sure this doesn't happen again is to use protection. Use the pill or patch with a condom, this way in case one fails the other will protect you guys. Best of luck. ;o)



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