Terrified And Really Confused

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cloudchaser - November 27

I'm 18 and about 2 weeks ago I was raped by without a condom... I had also been s_xually active with my ex, it was also unprotected. I'm well aware this was incredibly stupid but its done now... I'm now a week late and I'm terrified that I might be pregnant, I don't think I could go through with an abortion and its too late for emergency contraception. I have no idea what to do and I just need to hear some advice, ANY advice! I dread having to tell my family and, worse yet, my ex! Please help!


XxbebexX - November 27

well do u have any symptoms? hun i think the best thing to do is to test!! how else will u be sure?! u kno?


Saturn - November 27

Well first things first you will need to find out if you really are, then worry about everything else. Take a test or go to the docs. Does anyone know that you have been raped. If it was 2 weeks ago (so you were due your period a week after you were raped) I doubt it would be the rapists child, if you are actually pregnant. This might just all be down to the stress you are going through and the panic now. Just try and be calmer about it, its a really difficult situation but as I see it it isnt the end of the world, you can get through this. I became pregnant at 16 after my boyfriend used to force me to have s_x with him and beat me. Against everything I got out and had my baby girl and shes a gorgeous 6 year old now. So whatever happens you can do it, just take things one step at a time x


newlywed0915 - November 27

tell your ex you were raped. Tell your family. Get help and press charges against this guy! Be honest with your family about your activity. Honesty will really help, andyour family will be a good support. Tell them about the rape as well. I would say you are more likely to be pregnant by your ex, but this traumatizing experience could also be the reason why you're late.


Grandpa Viv - November 27

Sorry about the rape trauma. Keep reminding yourself that it was not your fault, but if there are lessons to be learned, it's OK to make note of them. Since you are not giving us any early signs of pregnancy, my guess is that the trauma has delayed your cycle, not pregnancy. S_x one week before your period is due is not likely to cause pregnancy. If the s_x with your ex was two weeks or so before your AF date, any child would most likely be his. Take a home preg test first morning pee pretty soon, and another a week later to double check. Dollar Store works fine. Good luck, and buy some condoms of your own.


cloudchaser - November 27

I do have some early symptoms (b___st tenderness, odd cravings, nausea) but I'm hoping that this is just me being paranoid! Thanks so much for all the advice, its been really good to hear!


catholic school girl - November 28

you should take a pregnancy test and tell your BF. do you know who raped you? if so you really need to go to the police. you also should go get an STD test, even if your not pregnant there are worse things that you could get that are not as easy to takle care of as an abortion or adoption. good luck to you.


Grandpa Viv - November 28

Late, b___sts, cravings, nausea do suggest possible pregnancy. At least be taking prenatal vitamins, just in case. No fatigue, peeing, discharge, upset gut, acne, dizzy moments? Suppose you do need a heart-to-heart talk with your ex, you don't have to mention the rape since the timing of that was not in the fertile window. Let me guess that your unprotected with the ex was a subconsious effort to get him back, and now you realize that was not the best move. You have a tough decision to make - tell him and see what is his reaction, or let him go and keep him guessing. Good luck!


Saturn - November 30

You are late for your period so you would be able to take a test now



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