The Quot One Upper Quot

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Teddyfinch - October 25

h__l yeah i'm starting another angel post. this is my observation. from EVERY SINGLE POST i have read from anyone else. it doesn't matter if someone's gone into labor, had braxton hicks, baby is engaged (which angel, she isn't at 23 weeks)...angel has been there done that. i have read about people like her. they call them the "one uppers". everything you've done, they've already experienced. every pain you've felt, they have felt worse. tell me, kiddo, when i have my kid, will you be saying "oh yeah i had one the other day and my pain was way worse"?


Teddyfinch - October 25

meant to add: trust me, at 37 weeks (which i will be on monday) with a baby measuring a week ahead, i have felt and am feeling things you won't yet. your baby is still super tiny compared because baby's don't start really showing you what they can do until later. your baby probably measures between 21 and 23 weeks which is not big at all (i miss those days lol. i could walk back then!) now i'm off to have my breakfast. but nothing good oh nooo! turns out i'm super sensitive to the nitrites in breakfast meats so now i get migraines if i have even one piece of bacon! looks like it's cold cereal and toast for me lol.


PreciousBaby19 - October 25

hey teddy. I didn't want to pull up the other post, but yeah you are right about being able to have knowledge about BH's without actually having them. however, i a__sumed since she googled that she hadn't experienced them. Which was a wrong a__sumption aparently. Anyway, its weird i've never found walking to help and i thought it was normal for walking to increase the pain because its so uncommon that walking does help. at least in the people i've ever talked to and myself. Anyway, thank you for pointing that out...I guess its different from person to person. =)


AddysMummy - October 25

I'm not going to lie, it's annoying. That's why I nearly refuse to just answer it anymore. No offense of course, but it drives me bonkers.


durante baby - October 25

hey but keep in mind teddy maybe she does know because she did have that phantom pregnancy that EVERYONE read about but she still seems to be able to maybe she has been through all of this but wont admit it, because she is so shallow she cant admit to her own faults.......Just thought i would "one up you" with this lol = P


mandy2008 - October 25

this is pretty pathetic. you make fun of angel for being a liar and a "one upper" and say she's an idiot. did you ever hear the saying "dont srgue with an idiot. people watching may not be able to tell the difference." why dont you be happy about your own lives and talk about that. it takes less energy to ignore her than it does to put her down or create ENDLESS posts about her. teddy, you really must have a sad life if you have to treat other people that way to make yourself feel better. you are the definition of a "one upper". which is evident by your second post where you say you are feeling things she wont yet. who cares?? i gave birth (naturally) to an almost 10 pound baby. that's something you havent felt. who cares?? its all pretty pathetic. if someone wants to be a liar why do you care? and you know you do because you wouldnt post about her if you didnt. this is something that is expected of high schoolers not mothers and mothers to be.


angelmonkey - October 25

sorry you feel like that teddy, actually sorry it bothers you enough to make a post about it lol thats your opinion to me not the truth. and seriously come on how can you say that about me when theres people like newbaby onm here who pretty much said no angelmonkey i had it way worse than you i was more dialted than you! i was mopre thinned than you!! dont take the attention away from me! i want to be the only one who wants to nearly give birth way to early cos im a phsico! sorry but thats my opinion about newbbay........... pb i google that walking helps as my little stalker said i was making it up! so i googled it also to say hey look the internet also says it! so yes you were wrong to a__sume so........... db im not even geting in to this one again! but yes im not dening that you seen 1 post on my myspace saying hey i heard your pregnant? how does that even prove anything? i,ve explained my story i dont need to explain it agian but what you should think is if it was the oyher way around and you were in my shoes and you knew you had not been pregnnat you had a pregnancy scare, that someone on the internet who thought someone asking if they were pregnnat ect means they were........i thought i was pregnant for about 2weeks its complicated but if someone was telling you no im telling yopu what has happened in your life!! you were pregnnat!! i,ve proved it! if you had explained your story if you knew it wasnt true because you remmebr thing thats happen in your life would you really care? i did at first but i reall dont now!


durante baby - October 25

again it wasnt just comments on your myspace, it was comments you left on other peopls myspace too, but hey maybe you were going through a attention stage where you pretended to be pregnant for attention


AddysMummy - October 25

Again, that's why I'm not arguing or anything because like I said in my other post, IDGAF. I was just pointing out that yes, there are times where I do agree.


angelmonkey - October 26

pb like it matters whos talking to who on this forum ha db yea a comment saying yes im pregnant! like i said for about 2weeks i thought i was it doesnt prove anything lol! i think its funny how involved in my past you obviously want to be........carry on thinking that bull i really don can say oh but i seen this and i seen that cos all i,ll be thinking is yes but i know the truth! ha


PreciousBaby19 - October 26

i never said it mattered or didn't matter angel. I just want you to know that in case you took that wrong. I wasn't pointing it towards you.


angelmonkey - October 26

and im just pointing out i dont really care who you were talking to........


newbaby2009 - October 26

lmao o every other letter on the 2n row of my keyboar int workin for ome reaon o ahh y even bother typin?????


amanda17 - October 26

You were typing like Angel ---SORRY! I couldn't resist XP


durante baby - October 27

a___l deny all you want everybody saw it, so it is hard for you to deny it without making an a__s of yourself....sorry sweetie


angelmonkey - October 27

ha db yes everyone saw someone aks me if i was pregnnat and me saying yes............and? i said i thought i was for 2weeks so yea nothing has been proved apart from i said i was pregnnat which i admit! but i soon found out i was heh yea i,ll carryin telling you the truth


durante baby - October 27

funny my dear how your story has changed over the past several months.....Wow, you know having a baby when you arent mentally ready prob wont get you the attention you are looking for?



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