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PreciousBaby19 - March 12

Hiya everyone. I just wanted some opinions. I'm a very talented quilt and baby blanket maker. I've been thinking for a while that i see tons of people selling bows for babies on here. so why not take my talent and sell a one of a kind blanket for your special little one. i will take into concideration your situation and may give discounts. I dont have a myspace up yet with any of my work and since i've moved , i'm trying to find a shop to get some fabric here. So, before i actually go ahead and buy a c__p load of supplies. I'd like to know if any of you would be interested in buying a blanket from myself. Depending on the size of the blanket requested i may put in the price of some of the materials into the price you pay for the entire blanket. My blankets can range anywhere from 30£ to 100£ depending on what is asked of me. I'll try and get it done within a week. I will have a backorder if there are tons of people then your order will be done in the order i receive. I will also keep you completely up to date with Pm's and emails of how your order is progressing. I'll take picturesof the blanket and if there are any specific changes you wish to have done to the blanket i will change them or alter the concept based on what you've told me. If you buy two blankets I'm going to call them Mommy and Me blankets , you will get one blanket half off. If you buy two blankets its going to take longer. You will have to pay for shipping. And to be sure i will take it to the post office to find out the exact price. If you request receipts then all receipts will go inside your package. =) So before i do this. Would anyone be interested. I have two blankets in the house that i'm working on for friends. I have no quilt blankets here just yet. I will try and get pictures up to date. All my prices are in Pounds, i will convert them on a converter if you need me to.


Malica - March 13

Have you considered trying to sell through Etsy? (Etsy dot com). It's an extremely popular site for selling hand made crafts. I'm not sure how easy it is to sell on there, but it might be worth looking into. It's very big in the crafting community (of which I'm a part of -- I just don't sell my crafts).


PreciousBaby19 - March 13

Nah, i'm just making them for a hobby and for those who are gonna have kids who want nice custom made blankets. its no big deal if no one wants any. =) Moer for me. ha



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