The Condom Had A Hole Help Only 12

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jenna - September 22

h__lo my name is jenna.. please listen to my story and give me your advice.. i was on the dep shot.. ive been off it for about a month... and also just got off my period.. my boyfriend and i had s_x the other nite, we used a condom but it had a hole in it... what are the chances i could be pregnant????


Huh! - September 22

Damn girl!! You need to get sewn up... that is just plain wrong...


jenna - September 22



Huh! - September 22

Well DUH!!! Thats what can happen if you HAVE s_xUAL INTERCOURSE!!!!!You did the crime... now do the time!


jenna - September 22

but it says that it takes up to 6 months to get preg after dep...


jenna - September 22

that was very rude and also uncalled for.. i think that people like you should think before they speak.. if iam pregnant im glad and the baby will be very well taked care of considering the fact that my family has money i should be just fine... thanks


oklahoma - September 22

The depo shot is one of the most effective forms of birth control, and while people my have gotten pregnant on it, there is a slim chance. When I was considering it as a form of birth control, I was told by my doctor that usually it takes up to 1 year to get pregnant after you stop using it. You may be glad if you are pregnant but honey babies are not easy. I had my first the day before I turned 19. I had a 30 week preemie who weighed only 3 lbs 3.4 oz, and spent her first 5 weeks of life in the hospital. I had a hard time at 19 raising a child. Just relax and wait to see if you get your period next month. Don't stress too much, because stress can mess your cycle up. Good luck to you, I hope everything works out okay.


Voice of reason - September 22

Jenna, don't rely on your family to raise your baby. You can be pregnant, not definatly though. Please get back on the shot. Your family didn't ask for a baby, as they already have one, you. Not calling you a baby, but you still are a child and they have to take care of you. If you are pregnant it would be wise for you not to carry the child to term, as there probably will be complications considering your age, and size. If you think that you can raise the baby yourself then you should think a little more. Please don't have s_x anymore, untill you are sure that YOU can support the baby, that comes squirming out of your v____a.


Rita - September 22

jenna i think you should calm down. people will say dirty comments all the time but there is no need to argue back, it will only make you sound as stupid as they are. anyways, i was on the depo shot before and 4 months after i got pregnant. i had continued having unprotected s_x after i got off the depo shot. im not sure if that helped. another thing i wanted to say to you is that you shouldn't say that your baby will be well taken care of just because your family has money. to be a real mother you should be able to support your child to the fullest. and to me it sounds like you think your family is going to take care of you and your child. im not on here to judge anyone and im sorry if it sounds like it but im stating my opion about your situation. if you are not pregnant, i suggest getting back on the shot or taking the pill along with a condom. please dont depend on your family. you learn to be a real women when you only need yourself. god bless!


lop - September 26


Shorty - September 27

I can not beleive the nievity of some people... i had s_x and could I be preganant??? Ummm well YES!! And if you have s_x there is always the possibility. I wish people actually thought more, and at 12 years old.. no one that age should be s_xually active. And bragging about your family being well off and that you should be fine... umm there is A LOT more to a baby than money, and to me that comment from you just shows your immaturity and I really hope you are not pregnant for your sake and more importantly I dont think you are mature enough to comprehend the role of motherhood and the responsibilities.


jenna - September 28

hi just a little more info for you my period ended on the 20th of sept.. i had s_x on the 21st.. i started spotting on the 25th.. and i still am.. but it started getting a little heavier yesterday.. and still is today.. could it be implantion spotting? please answer!?


Kari - October 1

Jenna, if you finished your period on the 20th and had s_x on 21st it is very unlikely you are pregnant. It takes approx 2 wks after your period ends for the ovary to release an egg into your fallopian tube. the egg is then very likely to be fertilised if it comes in contact with sperm. You are most fertile 5 days before this and 1 day after. You were not ovulating at the time you had s_x if your dates are correct. I doubt you need to worry. Test anyway in about a week as this will give an accurate result, testing before this would not be as reliable as it'd be too early to get a clear reading. One thing nobody's pointed out though, at 12 what on earth are you doing on birth control? You are not mature either physically or emotionally. I am not trying to make you feel childish or silly I am simply pointing out that you are not yet a teenager and certainly not an adult. s_xual relationships are for adults not for pre-teens. Adults can look after themselves and make informed decisions regarding s_x, you say your family will support you. That is a good thing but I hope it is not the sole reason you would want to have a baby. I hope you will think about these issues but as you are 12 and thinking about s_x I doubt very much you have the mental ability to realise the implications of risking pregnancy so early in your lifetime. Good luck petal xxx


Kari - October 1

correction, Shorty pointed out that at 12 s_xual relationships are wrong. A couple of other posters brushed past that area but you really do need to address it. You came here for advice, listen to what you are being advised, it's to help you not to attack you- honestly. xxx


someone - January 30

yeah obviously u could be pregnant if you had s_x.. you are only 12 why are you thinking of having s_x at such a young age!!=|


i smell fish - January 31

dep shot at 12? FACK!!!


De - January 31

Jenna I would get advise from a doctor or someone else you trust.. I wouldnt listen to anyone on here, they will only judge you....



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