The Father

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ShannonMarie - April 8

How can I help my unborn babys father to understand and support me, not be so negitive about this... I tell him we can do it it wont be easy but he wont listen!


EricaLynn - April 8

I have never been in your situation, however it takes two to tango. It is his child just as much as it is yours. If he isnt around later or if he isnt supportive I think he will be sorry when he realizes he could have been a post_tive part of his babys life.


young_mum_2_b - April 8

EricaLynn is right, you didn't make this baby on your own!! so you shouldn't have to go through it own your own either!! he should be more supportive but you kinda need to understand that it won't be easy on him either, havin a baby is a big thing..i'm 16 and due in 12 weeks and my bf never used to like the idea either, he just needed time to adjust...and needed support from me too...u should both support each other but it will be ok!


midnight_drift - April 9

I say sit him down and tell him that this is a big thing, and that you need his help, and that he will need yours. Try to be serious, and maybe print out information about raising children, and give him statistics about babies grown up a certain way because they don't have a father in his life. Not trying to guilt him, but just to try to get him to understand that this is a big thing. Tell him that you need him there, even if you two aren't together. My boyfriend wouldn't do that to me, but I told him he could either help me raise it, or I'd get every penny out of him anyways. He laughed and said either way I get screwed, but he joke around like that. I say be serious!! ^_^! Tell him info, get doctor opinions, and such!


EricaLynn - April 11

Midnight drift made a good point. Even if your babies father isnt there for you and your child, he will still have to help you financialy. Of course you probably want him around to help you and be supportive, but if hes not he will still have to pay child support. He wont exactly be having the fun part of having a kid either, just the financial responsibility.



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