The Father And Sex Questions

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Help me - November 5

I am pregnant 4 months and am 16. The trouble is i dont know who the father is. It could be between 3 guys, so can you have a test while the baby is inside you or do u have till wait till it is born? Maybe you can tell from my story. I had s_x with one of the guys with a condom every time we hads ex and that was about 10 times so i think i am safe to say he is not the dad, but the other 2 we started to use one and then near the end they both said it wasnt feeling good so they took it off, one c_mmed in me even though i told him not to and one didnt so i am guessing that the one who c_mmed in me is the dad? I only had s_x with both those guys the one time. What do u think? Also can you keep having s_x when you are pregnant or does it harm the baby? I had s_x until when i was two months and it was okay, but now at 4 months i had s_x the other night and i had to tell him to stop as it was uncomfortable. So are you not meant to have s_x when preg or are there special ways to do it?


Ashley - November 5

I'm 16 and 6 months pregnant so I know the where abouts on where you are pregnancy wise. It almost seems as if the guy that "came" in you is the father but there is this thing called pre-ejaculation where the guys drips out "c_m" which is MORE crucial to you getting pregnant. You will have to probably wait until the baby is born to get a DNA test done. I would sit with both guys and tell them what is up and the possibility that you could be carrying their child. Explain to them that it is crucial for you to know for health problems on his side of the family that might effect the baby down the road. Also, ask him how he'd feel if he didn't have a father and that you want your baby to know him. About your s_x question. It is SAFE to have s_x during pregnancy as long as it's not in the last 2 months or so. If it feels uncomfortable it's probably just the way your uterus is expanding. Give it a week or two and it shouldn't give you anymore problems. If you ever need to talk you can e-mail me at [email protected]


Help me - November 5

thanks for ur advice Ashley :) I feel so stupid that i don't even know who the father of my baby is, but i only have myself to blame :( Good Luck wit ur pregnancy keep posted :)


$weetne$$ - November 5

I would jus like to correct one thing, there is no medical reason as to y u shouldnt have s_x right up until your baby is born, unless a doctor has said so...and although 'c_m' can help u go into labour at da later stages, the baby isnt going to come until its ready, so 'c_m' wont make u go into early labour. So as long as ur comfortable and the doctors havent advised you to stop u can carry on until the baby is born ;o)


KM - November 5

S_x is good for you when you're pregnant unless the doctor willa dvise you other wise because she has reason to believe it will put you into labour. When you start to get a belly , it is advised to use different positions like girl on top. Also, it may be uncomfortable because at the first of your pregnancy some women wont have any discharge and it is very painful, use lubrication. OR everything is way more sensitive, so you just have to be gentle and have s_x as u feel comfortable. Ok. Now. count 14 days from the first day of your last regular period. Around this time is when you would have been most likely to get pregnant (if your cycle is regularly 28 days).Also JUST because the guy you used a condom with said the baby is not his lol does not mean the baby is not his! How would he know.. lol he is not god. Although, it is most unlikely that he is the dad because you used protection, but keep in mind condoms can have holes, or you could take it off the wrong way and what not.Also just because this other guy did not ejaculate inside you does not mean you could not get pregnant from him..there is always prec_m. it really bothers me how you do not care enough to educate yourself and get on some effective birth control before you start having s_x.No wonder you find yourself in situations like this.


KM - November 5

Also, you should be having an ultrasound done anytime. That will help you calculate exactly how far you are and an EDD, making it easier to track down when you would have conceived.I hope you are getting prenatal care, talk to your doctor about this.


Ashley - November 6

To Help Me: Just doing a follow up post on how you are doing. I just wanted to make sure you weren't too down in the dumps. Just remember as teens we experiment and even though we know right from wrong we still like to play with fire. You are NOT a whore or a s___t. You are just a young woman who took the wrong path but whose not to say you won't get back on the right one. Keep your chin up and just remember you are the only judge that can make you feel like you are less than you are. Take Care! :)


Help me - November 6

Hi ashley, Thanx for ur concern. I am okay with all of this, i have spoken to my mother, and although not incredibly impressed, she is going to help me out and support me through the pregnancy. I am thinkng about adoption as i really dont think i can give my baby a life that it deserves. KM i have had an ultrasound, and the doc calculated my approx date of concpetion, (and i am 5 months not four!) The issue of the father is still of concern as i had s_x with all the guys within a week and a half :( anyway i have learnt a hard but vuale lesson, and i am now going to concentrate looking after myself, so that my baby has the best posssible chance of being okay :)


KM - November 6

I think you are doing the right thing.You are very lucky to have your mother. I'm 18 and due in 2 wks, I was soo not ready for a pregnancy and my family and bf have been there for me the whole time with support and i definitely couldn't get through it without them.If you are strong enough to give your baby up for adoption because you know it will have a better life, than that is very admireable. I know I personally couldn't do it, I am just too attached after bonding with this baby inside me for 9 mnths, and after going through all the hard work of pregnancy and childbirth, I want to be able to reap the benefits of raising a beautiful son or daughter.But, my situation might be a little more easier for me to accomodate a baby than yours is.You still have more yrs of school ahead of you than I do (not saying it is impossible) and I have my bf around to help out, especially financially. I would be struggling pretty hard if I were to do it all on my own.You are doing the right thing by taking care of yourself, and don't worry we all do things that make us think twice, but it is very important that now you take care of yourself while being s_xually active because you are lucky that you ended up with a pregnancy instead of an std.Good luck with your baby and I hope everything works out for you


jada - November 7

SLUT these d__n kids need to educated there d__n self how many d__n diseases is out there.


KM - November 8

Jada, by that sentence, it looks as if you are the one in need of an education, and some cla__s.


Jessie - November 8

on the issue of not knowing who the dad is, i wouldn't feel too bad- remember mistakes happen and at 16 u r supposed to be out there having fun!!! after all whats life if theres no experiences. if you wanna chat privately my email addy is [email protected]


Jessie - November 8

i forgot to mesion b4, i have a friend Laura, she is 16 and slept with 29 guys the month she concieved so 3 is nothing


help me - November 12

to all the girls on this site who have been supporting me - On Tuesday i had to go into hospital to have a st_tch put in my cervix as it was starting to open up, apparently a common procedure. Tuesday night i went into labour, and sadly i lost my baby :( Despite my circ_mstances of becoming pregnant i am so upset, confused and shocked. as this was all so sudden Please girls treasure ur babies inside of u, and give them nothing but the best when they r born


t - November 12

help me im so sorry to hear about ur lose i know wot ur going through it isnt easy but u need to be strong ok i lost 3 babies and one of them was 1 of twins i now have 4 beautifull children whom i adore be strong ok concentrate on u more and be careful ok good luck for ur future xxx


sm - November 20

so sad :(


Danyeal - November 20

Dont worrie about it u will find out in 5 more months then have them all tested and see whos the dad i mean its a baby who care about hte dad u have a lil baby know



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