The Labor Pain

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Kenzi - January 15

Hi i was just wondering for those teens out there 13-17i was just wondering how your labor went, like how painful/hard/easy it was.


becca - January 15

erm maddie i dnt reli think she asked for ur advise so shut up n all womans bodys are made to have babys obviously u rnt very smart yea people in othe contrys n olden times were married by thirteen n having baby so how do u xplain that (kenzi it will probably kane to b honest wid ya but it will b worth it so dnt listen to that clueless b___h)


Maddie - January 15

READ THIS, I COPY/PASTE IT OFF THE NET, go on the net yourself and take a look! - Research indicates that health risks are higher for infants that are developing in a young body. This is because most teenage mother’s bodies are still developing themselves. A teenage body is yet not ready to reproduce. When a baby is developing in a young body the space for it s growth is limited and small. This is the reason most teenagers give birth to premature babies. Teenagers usually do not take care of their diets, for them junk food is everything. When they are pregnant they still do not pay too much attention to their diets, which has a negative effect to theirs and the baby’s health. When reaching the age of 21 a women’s body should be completely developed and ready to reproduce safely. - Young mothers, especially mothers who are under the age of 15 have high rates of delivering a premature baby, stillbirth, and low birth weight baby. This happens because from the ages 12-15 the body goes through the most changes and is developing the most. When a female is pregnant during this time it disturbs the body from doing its job. For one thing it stops women from having her monthly period. And another which is it slows down the body’s harmonic balance; which again concerns to the diet of the mother. Most teenage mother’s goes through a lot of depression, they began to think about the future, especially if no one is on her side. Having a baby changes everything no matter what your ages are. Depression during pregnancy also has a negative effect on the baby, because then a person begins to forget her daily routine of being pregnant. Teenage mothers should always be supported and cared because they are one bringing new lives in the world and two because they too are going though a tough time.


Maddie - January 15

hahahahaha kenzi and becca!! what do you think of that!!!! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!


Maddie - January 15

Twelve million American teenagers are s_xually active. 11 million are unmarried. Fifteen million teens are NOT s_xually active. But half of them will begin to have s_x before they reach their reach their twentieth birthday. The average teen becomes s_xually active at age 16. One out of every five 15 year old girls and one out of every three 15 year old boys have begun to have s_x. 90% of teenage s_xual activity occurs outside of marriage. Only 6% of all teen girls and 2% of all teen boys are married. Most teen marriages begin with pregnancy. Eight out of ten babies born 15 and 17 year old mothers were pregnant before marriage. Marriages of teens 14 to 17 year old are 3 times more likely to end in separation or divorce than non-teen marriages. More than 1/4 of all abortions involve teens. 60% of teenagers face an unintended pregnancy and choose not to have the child. Among all teens younger than 15, there are more abortions than giving births.


hello? - January 15

Maddie: the question was about labour pain you dumba__s!! To Kenzi, I have had 2 children, my son when i was 18 and my daughter when I was 22, the labour for my daughter was much more painful than my son. All labours are different regardless of age. I suggest a trip to your local maternity hospital to have a walk around the labour ward (if they permit this) so you get some idea of what it will be like. Antenatal cla__ses should be available also.


maddie - January 15

yeah whatever 'hello' umm labour pains, well thats what its about. as you can read, ure hips havent developed yet, so you will be in more pain when it somes out, you r likely to have a miscarriage too!! or it be pre-mature, im sure the baby has its fingers crossed!


Ruby - January 16

I am a young, but not a teen mum, but my mum was 15 when I was born, it was a long labour (but then the 1st ones are usually the longest). I am sure it wasnt a walk in the park but I do know that my brothers birth was the hardest and he was the 3rd child (she was in her 20's then) because his head was so d__n big! Every labour/birth is different and most of them arent 'easy'. If you educate yourself on all the available options (drugs, breathing, positions, good positive labouring partners etc) then it will be easier because you will at least be somewhat prepared. I know it might sound odd but the best advice I received (and used) was to push (duing the birth) like you are pushing through your bottom(like you are trying to poo). Many women arent sure how to push (they push with/in their tummy) and/or are afraid they might poo abit(so tense up), (you will generally empty your bowels during labour (on the loo) so it's not a big issue and even if you did poo a bit during the birth I dont think an issue would be made).



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