The Merina Iud

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Lillie E - March 2

alright, i'm wondering who else has the merina iud. i have had mine since december and they told me that it could make your periods just stop, which it did, but i've also heard of people gettin pregnant while having an iud. I'm wondering how would you know if you got pregnant if you didn't have your period? I'm not too worried about it, but the thought has crossed my mind and i just want to see if anyone knows any answers


maren - March 2

i dont have an IUD but i was thinking about getting the copper T one after i have my baby. Its actuall pretty common apparently to not get your period with the merina IUD the chances are very very low that you get pregnant unless it falls out. But if not getting your period worrys you i would just take a test for some reasurance.


mdmurphy - July 29

I have had ther Merina since July 2002. I love it. Yes, there was some discomfort when I first had it inserted. However, I had talked with my doctor extensively. I have not had a period since it was put in and absolutely love it. Mine is scheduled to be removed in July 2007. I have already spoken with the doctor about having another one inserted at the time this one is taken out. I was worried about pregnancy too when I got mine. I was told there is tons of cramping and abdominal pain if someone does get pregnant. If you are worried, I would take a test.


sara b - July 30

I have had the merina since January. I had two or three heavy and irregular periods. After that I had nothing for almost 4 months. I had every sign of pregnancy and even had an ultrasound done where it was thought to be triplets!!! Since the pregnancy could not be confirmed even by test I waited to see what would happen. I just had a 3 day period this month. Whether it was a miscarriage or a period I don't know. I recommend avoiding an IUD unless no other method of birth control works for you. If you already have it and your period stops see your doctor to make sure everything is okay. best wishes. Sara


xXx-Lesley-xXx - July 30

The merina coil stops your ovulating, thats why you have no periods - therefor you cannot get pregnant. There is less than a 0.01% chance of falling pregnant with the merina. I had that one in, but bled none stop for 4 months. I had to get it took out. I have just had the copper one in last week, and started bleeding again. This time I have lower back pain and period like cramps. No type of contraception is 100%. You just have to be sensible. Check for you wire every 4 weeks, and go for yearly check ups, make sure everything is ok.


Jamie-Lee - July 30

My Mom had an IUD put in after she had me and she got pregnant again but unfortuantly had a miscarriage.So you can still get pregnant with an IUD.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - July 30

It is possible. The chances are very slim though. With the merina its even slimmer. If you do fall pregnant with an IUD the chances of having ectpoic pregnancy is higher too. It is possible to get it removed, but you need ot be kept under close observation for the first trimester.


apd702 - September 5

I had my baby a little over two years ago and I had the Marina IUD placed a year ago. about two weeks ago my b___st started leaking and I also started having some abdominal pains. Today I started bleeding..... the problem with bleeding is I haven't since Feb. 08. I am not sure what could be my problem


newbaby2009 - September 6

It is normal to have breakthrough bleeding/spotting with the mirena. I had it for a year and my peiod stopped after 3 months. I had a random one after 9 months but that was it.



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