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ConfusedMommy2b - February 20

I found out this morning from a home pg test that I am indeed, pregnant. I am 17 (18 on May 31) and the father of my baby and bf of almost 2 years is 22. I am 5'2 and 106 lbs. Is it possble to be showing already? My jeans won't button, and if they do they are squishing me to death. Also, how can I tell my mom? Funny thing is, she has been asking me if I was preggo for about a week now and now when it comes down to it I'm friggin scared to death! It turns out, Moms do know everything.


tennesseewlkr07 - February 21

you can do it the same way i did lol, i walked into my moms room one morning and sat down and i was like there is something i need to tell you. And if your mom is anything like mine she'll jokingly say "what are you pregnant" and after she does just dont say anything and she will get the point! It worked for me and my mom couldnt be more happy now that i am having this baby


SaraH - February 21

If you are only a few weeks your jeans are probably tight b/c of bloating. You don't start "showing" until you're close to the end of the 1st trimester or the beginning of the 2nd tri, b/c the baby and uterus are behind the pubic bone up to that pt. But bloating is very very very common and can make you look like you're showing. I know I started to "look pregnant" at about 7w but it had to be due mainly to bloating b/c the baby/uterus would still have been behind my public bone. I did have to switch to maternity pants around 13-14 w's though which is earlier then a lot of ppl.


abriamiacadia - February 21

LMAO tennesseewlkr thats kinda what mine did. Except when she asked if i was i giggled.. but the funny thing was she didnt realize I was being honest. SOOOO Me and My fiance got together and told her. She cried, but accepted it.


babyonboard16 - February 21

just be honest with her and tell her ironically my mom did the exact same thing i hid it from her til i was SURE but anyways its not that bad i was scared to death too


kenodra - February 21

thats the truth haha. my mom knew before i did to. lol & its very possible you could be showing all woman show defrently so dont worry. or there could be more then 1 baby & that makes you show alot faster. well congrats hunni.


ConfusedMommy2b - February 21

Thanks everyone. I still havn't built up the courage to tell her, but tomorrow is my doctor appt and I will deff tell her then.


ConfusedMommy2b - February 21

Well, I told her. She isn't happy.. AT ALL! She's quite p__sed. I think she hates me now. Thank you all for your advice.



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