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helpful hints - June 21

I was flipping through the channels last night and i seen Ripleys Believe It Or Not.I decided to watch it and it started telling the story of a lady who when she was a kid, grabbed an electrical wire that was live.It burned her so bad that she had to have BOTH arms cut off at the shoulder.She was now a woman and she was married to this guy.They decided to have a baby even know she had no arms.The amazing part is that i watched that lady change her babys diaper and button his clothes back up with her FEET!!! She carried him so well with her feet and she did it all on her own.That boy must have been 7 or 8 months old.It showed her driving with her feet only and even at the drive through.It was so amazing.I even saw her pick up the car seat with her chin and her neck!!! Like she was a pro at it.I thought to myself last night, how is it that the lady could take care of another life but us teens are uncapable of taking care of a baby? I didnt bring this up so it would promote teen pregnancy.This is for all the teens with babys already and the teens who are pregnant and are considering abortion.this lady made it her whole life without arms.She even took care of another life.What would make you think you cant do it?


To helpful hints - June 21

You are right. Most people are capable of taking care of a baby. It is hard though no matter what. And even though I do not think a teenager should start having kids, I still think that their motherly instincts will come out and they will try the best they can. It's not easy for anyone, and there are mothers out there who are 20, 30, 40, and whatever who do drugs and drink and don't care of their kids very well so wh is to say that a teenager can't do it.


Jenah - June 21

Uhm...she could drive with her feet? She used a leg for the down part of the car and the other for the upper part? ...


Ca__sandra - June 21

I saw that too!!! That was super awesome. There wasn't anything she couldn't do with her feet!! She had a happy little baby boy too.. and took perfect care of him.. feeding him, taking him out of his crip, playing with him. Anything is possible. :)


Brittany - June 21

My mom told me the day she found out I was pregnant...Life is only hard when we make it hard! Since then, I am a teen mom and proud of my accomplishments!


Sarah - June 22

Jenah-just to let you know, there are things called "hand controls" for cars-they control the break and the gas. My brother is handicapped, his legs dont work at all, but he uses his hands for the controls. Its very simple. :o)


to Sarah - June 22

The lady has no hands so how is she going to use hand controls?? One leg controlling the hand control, her knee controlling the steering wheel and the other leg controlling the gas and break?? Scary, stay the hell away from me.


Paige - June 22

Yeah you knwo what makes me mad is when you want to be a teen mom and people tell you to wait until your an adult like in your twenties or wait until your married but i hate it because some adults who have kids are worse parents than some teens....


to paige - June 22

do you really want me to tell you where to go???


helpful hints - June 22

No the lady had no arm controls.She used her feet for everything.



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