The Truth About Being A Young Parent BY A TEEN MOM

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Mommy - January 18

I can't seem to stress enough to other young girls the hardship of parenting. I'm 17 and I have 2 kids already and it is HARD. I'm not going to say you wouldn't love a baby or that you can't take care of it but right now most of you girls are just THINKING what it would be like to be a mom. Having kids can be fun in it's own way and it's rewarding but it is by far the most stressful and permant decision you will ever make. It's not all fun and games, it's giving up everything about you and living completely for someone else. My kids weren't planned and I was on b/c both times but that didn't work obviously. I love my kids more than anything in this world as I'm sure most other moms love their kids. Before you have kids you are able to live for YOU AND ONLY YOU. Babies are really expensive, they cry a lot, they need constant care, you have to find a sitter anytime you want me time, you get sleep deprived, and if you end up single, you have to work just to make money to buy baby needs. I am not trying to be mean to anyone, just giving insight because I been there. Babies are not something you can play with then put back on the shelf. Cute little babies turn into hyper little toddlers who turn into annoying little kids then mouthy teens who know everything. I know, I still am a mouthy teen and I am raising the cute infant and hyper toddler and some days I want to dig a hole and bury myself just to get some sleep or peace. Goodluck everyone in the choices you make and please be careful because things are not all perfect and fun in the life of a teen mom.


ohh yeah - January 19

thats sooo true, and all those teens who do try really do think babies are just toys they can store away, no matter how much they deny it! cuz if they really knew, they wouldnt be trying


steff - January 19

just wna say thanx to "mommy" for posting it helps us teens who want to be pregnant and its nice to hear from someone that has been through it. to "ohh yeah" fair enough u are stating your opinion that young teens see babies as toys, but not every teen does. Nobody knows what its like to be a mum untill it actually happens, that includes older parents. my point is that nobody actually knows what its gna be like so you cant just say that to teens


wow! - January 19

IT's refreshing to hear you speak about being a mom at a young age! I am impressed with you truly! I am a mom of two and althought i am married i am sill only 23 my first was at 18. I have to say even with a great husband and family behind you it is VERY hard and at times your hole sounds good to all moms. Anyways you sound like a very grounded mom, and although I can vouch that most of us don't start out that way,( lord knows i didnt know what to expect!:) your kids sound very lucky to have a mom who speaks the truth about life and love, the truth is evadence that you love them! God bless you and your kids and good luck with all your endevers.


Mommy - January 19

Thank for responding everyone! I'm not trying to be mean or anything, just give peers a true look at life as a mom. It's hard at any age but being a teen mom is more difficult because you also have to deal with people looking down on you because of you age. I hope this will help someone in someway and goodluck to everyone expecting or being a mom.


former teen mom - January 21

I had two of my kids in my teens. At first it was fun and they were cute and everyone thought I was the s**t. Then, they went on with their lives, prom, parties, senior venture, senior trip to Cancun, sleeping in on weekends, shopping for hours, graduating. The list goes on and on. They were NO where to be found when my baby had an ear infection and was screaming all night long and then slept in the doctor's office just to wake up when we got home so no sleep again for me. I know that happens to adult moms too, but I was just a scared kid playing house. Now that I am in my twenties there are many guys out there who won't even talk to me because I come with two cute, but very real additions. My mom helps when she can, but her plan was to go on cruises and finish her nursing degree so I am ON MY OWN. I can't resent her or my friends, it was my immature decsion to create these people and my family had a right to make their own plans for the rest of their life. If your parents wanted another baby, THEY would have had one. My parents love their grandkids, but they are only 42 and their lives are basically just getting going. I take full responsiblity for my kids and I regret that I didn't give them a more responsible start than I did. I am sad they don't have a mommy and a daddy that were prepared and mature enough to give them the advantages they deserve. Now that I am old enough I see that I should have waited until I knew who I was before I tried to raise someone else.


Jess - January 21

Hi im 14, i gave birth to a baby girl 5 weeks ago, i didnt realise my whole pregnancy what i was doing but now shes here its alot harder, even though she is the best thing in the world and all she does is sleep its still hard. if i had the chance i could go back and change things dont get me wrong i love her so much!


to Jess - January 22

Congrats on your baby girl. And also, congrats on being able to admit a very difficult truth. It is very hard to say that you love your child, but wish you had waited. Good luck with your new life and I hope you have love and support.


bump - January 24



les22 - May 23

before you girls try to get preg have a proper read of this


kristi17 - May 23

You're so right. I'm 17 and had my baby girl 3 months ago. Well, she'll be 3 months on the 26th. I think I have it pretty easy compared to other teen moms but it is still hard for me at some points. Some people dont understand that everything ends for you, they think we're making it sound worse than it is but we're not. When I was pregnant, i thought it wasnt gonna be too bad and i would be fine. I've had a lot of help but it's still stressful cause if they help..i feel like i'm not doin my job but when i dont have help i feel like i cant do it anymore. I dont even wanna think about what my daughter will be like when shes 2! lol



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