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pregnant teens r dumb asses!! - January 13

-The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually. a child of a teen mother is more likely to become a teen parent. This sad but all too true fact presents us with the problem of a seemingly endless and very discouraging cycle, especially for those who find themselves in it. - The sons of teen mothers are 13 percent more likely to end up in prison while teen daughters are 22 percent more likely to become teen mothers themselves. -Teen mothers are less likely to complete high school (only one-third receive a high school diploma) and only 1.5% have a college degree by age 30. Teen mothers are more likely to end up on welfare (nearly 80 percent of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare). -The children of teenage mothers have lower birth weights, are more likely to perform poorly in school, and are at greater risk of abuse and neglect. - -


CW - January 14

Generalisation and stereotyping. Don't tar all with the same brush.


stereotype??? what the hell?? - January 14

its not a d__n stero type dumba__s ( i guess ure pregnant to huh??) its a fact that a majority of you r like that. a sterotype is extremely differnt to extreme fact


sabrina - January 14

perform poorly in school, greater risk for abuse and neglect, thats lies just b/c there teens dont mean they dont know how to love and look after there child...its not the age its the person.


Kay - January 15

sabrina your absolutly right , maddie to be honest you are bit of a stereotype sayin about shaggin on couch while baby on carpet. I think you been watching to many films. How would you know what they get up to first things come up in your head is drugs booze and s_x ? Or is this of your own personl experiance.


KM - January 18



Hilary - January 18

nice but not me in general: -Its too early for either of my kids to be having kids (I mean literally they are 4 and 2 wks). -I completed HS about 3 mos late. -I plan on starting college no matter what in Spring pregnant or not -Im not on welfare or any other govt programs - My children were both small... -Yea, Sami was supposed to be retarded, he knows his alphabet and can count to 50 and he's 4, he can identify some words, could you do that at 4? Of course you could ull say. -Greater risk my a__s


tara - January 18

I don't usually agree with Maddie and don’t like her postings at all - yes i think they are offensive...In a lot of her other postings she was stereo typing and I've written that to her. But statistics are facts that have been collected by the government in various that's not stereo typing in any way. BTW I'm not writting this in her defense at all, I'm doing this in hopes of other young teens to learn something. As you read this there is a percentage of teen mothers (1%+) that will have a college degree and will go on to have a good job and a good life for their children...but it's the other 99% that is worry some. So to Hillary, KM, and the other 1% I congratulate you and encourage you to finish education and move on to become a great a__set to the society - once you get through this you will learn that ther is nothing that can stop you from getting what you want in life. My best friend was gave birth at 18 and now at 25 she is 1 year away from becoming a lawyer...her goal is to be able to help those who went through what she did. I'm proud of her and proud of Hillary, and KM and anyone else who are trying their hardest no matter what to do better for them selves and their child. Once you make your goal you will be a lot stronger person that many others out there. But if you read other posting on this site it’s about girls who are being abused by their boyfriends physically and emotionally and are too afraid to leave them. Most other postings on this site is about young girls wanting to get pregnant because they think babies are fun and cute and they need someone to love. So are, cute and loveable but God, they are a lot of work! I’ve said this before and I will say it again…ask any teen mom out there if they were too young to have a child, and 85% will say I love my baby to death, but yes I was a few years to young! I realize that not everyone ends up on welfare; however, there is a very high percentage of teen mothers who drop out of high school to raise their child and this is due to a lot of reasons including no support from family, not liking school, not thinking they are smart enough or capable to raise a child and go to school at the same time...and more. With no HS degree it's harder to get a job and if you can’t get a job and have little means of income who do you need to turn to? Welfare! That’s what it’s there for…but at the same time it increases the # of uneducated people in the country. Most of these young boys and girls don’t even know much about the biology of their own body! They don’t know much about protection, or what needs to happen in a woman’s body for one to become pregnant…that’s being uneducated. Society counts on education, so if there is so many people out there that are drop outs- for what ever reason - how should society trust them or count on them to be able to do better by others? A person learns quiet a bit about themselves and what they are capable of in their 20s and that’s mostly do to the college and university experiences we end up with – you learn how to learn from each other and that’s something that comes with age and maturity as well. But being a teen mom, out of school, no job, how is one to learn about themselves? Again, I Appluad KM, Hillary and anyone else like you…this is to let others know what’s going on in society out there today.


kk - January 18

i do not think i am dumb and i am a teen who is pregnant


KM - January 19

Tara, I do agree with you totally. you are completely right about most of pregnant teens being completely uneducated. but I still think its unfair to be calling them whores and what not, because instead of giving them the support they need to do something with their lives, we are just bringing them down. It is agreed, babies are definitely a lot of work and something you need to put your whole life into. Many teens arent ready and dont have enough responsibility for that commitment. I just dont think its fair to group them all into a category of statistics.I would not look back and say I had my child too young and that I would have waited. I am very happy with the way my life turned out. He saved me from a lot of things, and there are benefits to having your children young in some cases


Tara - January 19

I was only commenting on the original posting and the statistics. I don't think calling anyone a whore (unless they are selling them selves) is right either. But the bottom line remains that polls are done to allow people know what is generally going on around's up to each person to get involved more and research on a case by case basis if they want. Statistics done by various polls, researchers, and the government is what our general lives are run by. Every where you look there are statistics about everything, health, smoking, cancer, young drivers, old drivers, public schools, private schools…and teen mothers. KM, you very well maybe the exception to all of what has been said here…but what about all those other young mothers out there who didn’t turn out like you? Who are not happy…you are in the 2% margin of exceptions but what about the 98%? Shouldn’t other young women learn from them? I’m not saying post their mistakes everywhere and shout it out. I just think teens should be more careful with what they get involved in. It’s easy for anyone to think “oh, that will never happen to me…it’s always the girl who sits next to you in cla__s.” But the fact is if one is not careful, things that you don’t expect are bound to happen. If you smoke, expect to get cancer don’t tell me my grandfather smoked for 40 years and doesn’t have a problem. That was him, but if you smoke you might end up with cancer. If you are a fast driver, expect to get in to a bad accident. If you are having unprotected s_x expect to get pregnant; and if you haven’t finished school and don’t have the financial means to support your self expect to be part of the general statistics. Don’t always count your self as the exception to the rule unless you have gotten your self there!


who is stupid? - January 19

Teen Mothers are less likely to finish highschool? Well I did! Only 1.5 % have a college degree? Im only 20 and I have 1 year left till I get my BS in Bussiness Administration in Healthcare. 80% percent end up on welfare...I work full time and go to school and get no help from any goverment program. I take very good care of 2 year old daughter. So who is stupid? Someone who makes a mistake by having s_x and is willing to take responsablity or someone who sterotypes people they do not know. I'm sorry we are not perfect like you...actually I am not I love my daughter and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. So if you want to think I'm stupid go ahead....I was a pregnant teen, now I am a adult single full time working,part time student and full time. I love my life and everything about it.


by the way - January 19

By the way stats are one thing, however naming your post pregnant teens r dumb a__ses; that is sterotyping


charismatic_raven - January 20

I had my son at 18, yes I was a pregnant teen, but I am a great mother,now 20, and In a stable relationship and my son is healthy happy and loved. I do agree though that facts are facts, but try thinking about your t_tle for topics.


bekahsmommy20 - January 20

I did not say the "facts" were sterotypes. If you would read the post agian I said "FACTS ARE ONE THING BUT NAMING YOUR POST PREGNANT TEENS R DUMB ASSES IS A STEROTYPE" which that is a sterotype we are not all dumb a__ses and if your so agianst us and think so badly of you not have anything better to do than come to a forum that is created for us to talk and help eachother? there is no reason to be so rude and hostile.


More truth!! - January 21

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine, a 22-year-old girl had her first child at 16. She is now the proud welfare mother of four brats with trendy names and Medicaid. I doubt she will ever stop. She has no reason to use birth control. She has no hope or future. She never finished high school. She has a low-paying job at Boston Market. Bearing children is the only thing she is capable of doing well.


NEWS FLASH!! - January 21

Educational attainment is a very critical factor in accounting for lifetime fertility rates. Women with college degrees can be expected to complete their childbearing with 1.6-2.0 children each. For women with less education the total expected number of children are: 3.2 children for those with 0-8 years of education; 2.3 children for those with 9-11 years of education and 2.7 for high school graduates.



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