The Worst Has Begun

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ricky(girl) - July 2

i went to the doctor. im 3 months pregnant, and i dont know how to tell my parents. God. i feel like im gonna throw up.


Nicole aka Nikki Lee - June 16

Hey Ricky ummm i know how you feel i'm pregnant too and i dont know how to tell my grandparents because thats who i live with i'm so scared. but hey do you have msn messenger maybe we can find oursevles a way to tell ours parents if we chat about it ok ;let me know if you have msn messenger so i can give you my email


Shelly - June 17

I wolul be willing to talk to both of you to help you work it out. Let me know.


Candi - July 2

Hey girl I was just in your shoes , I just had a baby girl and my mother didn't know until I was 8 months, So will have to be strong and tell your parents, First they will be mad but just give them time to clam down


ladawn lester - January 30

i am only 16 years old how will i tell my dad im pregnat?


becca - January 30

hey i found out wen i was 4 months n the thurther along the worse it is coz u no ur runin out of time 2 make a decision but babe u cnt hang around u need 2 tell them and thn discuss it with ur parents let them no that it is ur disision 2 make not theres if u need 2 talk my email is i no how u feel


redsnow - January 31

so you are pregnant? Take a trip to Niagra falls and take a dip. Tell your dad to buy a Ford truck and run over your boyfriend.


redsnow - January 31

And the rest of you professional advise givers, what the hell do you know about adult life? S_x is for adults, not for you kidos who should be eating lucky charms and catching the bus to school. Are you girls retarded to actually support what seems to be WIDE SPREAD CORRUPTION brought on by wide spread young legs?!!!! QUIT s_xXING AND HAVING HORRIBLE KIDS.


ness16 - February 2

I was in the same situation as u were. I'm 16 and I was 16 weeks pregnant when i finally told my parents i was pregnant. I was scared to tell them i was pregnant b/c my boyfriend left and i was afraid that my dad would kick me out of the house. I thought that they would never make me have an abortion but that's the first thing that came into their minds. I was 17 weeks preg when i had an abortion. I hope u don't go through that. If ur parents won't support u, find a friend or relative who can help u.


cheryl - February 9

if you want to talk email me



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