Theres Sumthink Wrong With My Baby WAT

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kayleigh - April 24

hi i have a 7 weeks old baby and theres sumthink up with her shes not been her self for bout 3 days now, shes not been drinking her milk proply she usually has 6-7oz but shes only drinking bout 2 then screaming for hours on end ive given her gripewater but nothink happend im really dont no wats up with her she not constapaded , shes not got a tempiture and anyone plz help me


To: kayleigh - April 24

It could be that your baby is colic. As far as I know it is a harmless thing, but can be painful for you ears. Colic is where a baby will just scream & cry for hours for no reason. Try going to the babies Dr. and ask them...they should be able to help you. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good luck, and let me know what happens.


kayleigh - April 24

ok thnx


karen - April 24

she's right my brother was colic he would cry for hours and hours for no reason. Good luck hope this helps bye: )


shelly - April 25

try pumping her legs into her stomach and back out...usually colicy babies just have gas : )


kayleigh - April 25

thnx but we reacon shes teething becoz she got all the symptoms of it like shes satred to get saw bum red checks dribaling alot and trying to cromp her hand but im goin to c teh doctor to day becoz she till not drinking her milk but il let u no wat it is .


hello - April 25

Take her to the doctor asap!!!!!! Do not wait !!!!


mandie - April 25

it sounds like colic or she could have a milk allergy or intolerance... i used to watch a baby he would scream all day but still eat..... and nothing else seemed wrong... turns out he was lactose intolerant.... its pretty common next time you see the doctor ask him or call him see what he thinks good luck with ur baby :)


katie - April 25

awwww i hope she gets better soon =) xxx katie


amanda - April 26

bring your baby to the doctor if it worries you.


kayleigh - April 27

hi just to let u no she is teething


KM - May 18

I doubt your baby is teething at 7 wks, altho, it is possible. chances are shes got colic.


Daisy - May 18

Is there a fever with Colic? I'd consult the doc.



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