They Hate My Baby

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Cherish - April 14

my name is Cherish and 15 i'm 6month prego. wit what i am sure will be a beautiful baby gyrl. But my parents don't wont this baby in there home because it's half black. They told me that this baby is cursed she will be a confused whore with no purpose. This has stressed me out so babd i have been hospitalized 4 times already for high blood pressure. The last time I was there i almost lost my baby and my dad sad "Good that lil' nigger baby needs to die it's destroying my family". I don't know what to do stayin' in this is crazt and when i leave and go to my baby daddies house my dad calls the police and reports me as a runaway. It'slike he wants to torture me. Somebody please help me give me some advice I plan on leaving my family and going to stay wit my cousin in California but that's so faraway from my baby dady and i don't wanna take her away from her daddy i just gotta get out of this before they kill my baby.


Cece - April 14

Cherish....I am so sorry that you are being treated this way. Unfortunately, there ARE very closed minded individuals out there, like your parents, who have absolutely no right to talk about your baby like that. It made me mad just reading that they say those things to you. But I want to tell you, don't let them do this to you...just ignore them! Right now you need to concentrate on your pregnancy and making sure you keep your baby healthy. Maybe your [arents are acting this way towards you because you are only 15, and they probably had such high hopes for you, but now you are pregnant. But, things happen, and we have to deal with them. I think your parents are saying these things to you because they are mad about the situation and they know it's the only way to make you feel bad too, so like I said hun, just ignore them. Hopefully when the baby is born and they see how adorable and precious their grandchild is, they will snap out of being the selfish and immature people they are being and realize that it doesn't matter what color the baby's skin is, it's a human being that deserves love. Now, for the baby's daddy...if he is calling the cops on you and reporting you as a runaway, then in my opinion, you should not even go near him. I know he's the father, but if he's acting like that, then maybe he just needs a little time to adjust to the big change in his life. I say just stick it out until after the baby is born, then, if both your parents and the father don't change, maybe you should try going to don't need negative people like that around your child, and you certainly don't need negative people trying to bring you down. All the best to you hun...good luck.


marie - April 14

You just need to do whats best for you and you're child. If you're parents want to be ignorant like that they will miss out on a beautiful little grandchild. As for the father is he willing our able to come with you? Even if he's not you're child needs you to be strong for her, and leave an unhealthy liveing situation. Besides you dont want her growing up around negitive people who make her feel bad about her self. She need's to know that she is perfect just the way she is! good luck with you're situation.


Lisa - April 14

You need to be in a more supportive environment than the one you are in. The stress on you is not going to help matters, particularly as you are only 15 and you are prone to have difficulties during pregnancy at that age already. It must be really hurtful that your parents are already rejecting your baby even before she is born.. Maybe you could find out what community services are available to you at this time and even after the baby is born, perhaps your doctor could refer you on to someone? Or even as Cece has suggested, perhaps seriously consider going to California to be with your cousin if you feel they will support you. Your baby's health is possibly at risk if you stay where you are as well as your own. You need to take good care of yourself and bub. Good luck. :o)


Chey - April 14

Cherish seriously dont need to be around people who are going to be racist to your child. It dose not matter what color your skin is. As for me i am mom is hispanic an indian an my dad is full black and i DAMN proud to be a biracial. And i also have a daughter and she is also biraical her daddy is black ( an i'm also 15 too ). You should really think about moving to California with your cousin. By the way what state do you live in? Well let me tell you one thing your baby is going to be soo CUTE she will have pretty hair and she will be so beautiful mixed babies are soo soo cute. And dont let your dad bring you down from those words he saying because you dont deserve that and neither dose your baby. well girl i hope you hang in there and i wish you the best of luck n and much luv. :)


Audrey - April 15

Cherish- I'm truly sorry that your father will not accept his own grandchild because it happens to be of mixed parentage. You don't need to be in that situation. If possible, I would consult a lawyer to find out what your legal options are. In a last resort you could have yourself be declared emancipated if you can prove your parents are not providing you with the support that you need. Can your baby's father give some help? Best of luck!


Marissa - April 16

I have daughter and she is mixed 50/50 half black and indian. and i am very proud of her my boyfriends family and my family really love and care about her. it dosent matter what your skin color is. your father just needs to stop being racist to his own grandchild. and i'm guessing your white? and yes u should think about moving to CA. good luck.


katie - April 17

wow this is alot to haddle and ur parents sound very rasicist...i no how it feels to nealy lose ur baby ive been in hospital six times already infact im just back after spending 2days there anyways u dont need to be around ppl like tht hu want to kill ur baby..i think u sud seriouslt think about moving up to life wit ur cousin....It dont matter what color your skin is or ur hand in there and u will b ok and i hope the rest of ur pregnancy goes better for u but seriously think about moving in wit ur cousin cause then u mite get the support u need and care but gd luck =) xxx katie


nikki - April 17

honey..its kinda natural for your parents to be this upset..esspecially if they dont like blacks! but they have to understand that this is their grandchild in you..and it isnt their life..its yours! and they have to get over their little tantrum and move on. because this baby is coming whether they want it to or not...maybe get some couceling or something witrh your parents...they need to see where your coming from also! if you need anything please IM me...crazydice807....i understand where your coming from!!!


brigid - April 19

i feel of you i know wat its like. my twin girls are half australian and half islander (if you know wat that is) and my grandparents are very closed minded. they wont even see my girls. i think the best thing for you and your baby is to go to california. best of luck brigxoxox


SRG - April 19

Cherish...I am 30 years old, I started going out with a black guy when I was 14 years old, we are still together. We are actually going to have our first baby this November. I went through years of heartache from my parents. My fathr use to tell me to choose either be with my boyfriend and have no father or leave him. He is a great guy and I did not want to leave him, so I stuck to my guns and stayed with him. Today 17 years later, my parents LOVE him more than they love me. We are very happy we own a home together and work hard. Try to stay strong, colour means NOTHING it is what is inside that counts. I hope your parents WAKE UP, they will only suffer in the end. Good Luck!


abby jean - April 19

Half white and half black babies are the most beautiful babies on this earth.i hope things work out for you and your baby.


Cherish - April 20

I would like to thank u all for your input on my situation. I have moved out of my fathers house into a 2bedroom apt. with my baby dady who is 17 his parents pay are rent as long as we stay in school. my parents don't know where I live and they never will until they can except my baby. I talked to my mom and she cried and asked for our number because I blocked it but I told her i can't submit my self nor my child to that kind of abuse any longer. But again thank u all and hope to hear from u guys soon. Bi-the -way i'm from New York and i'm not white i'm Italian


Connie - April 21

That is really good i hope that everythin works out for you. I know pain all to well. Good luck with the baby


dymond - April 22

i was in the same situation sort of. my daughter is half black and ppl gave me a hard time about that so i did as you have and moved out and am now on m y own and my parents came around the moment thy saw her. i went into preterm labor and suffered fromsevere hypertension becuz of stress and my baby only weight 3 lbs 10 oz.....i wish u the best of luck and if you ever need to talk email me- [email protected]


Audrey - April 22

Cherish- Good for you. I wish you all the best with your child. Keep your chin up, girl!


Tarr - May 3

Maybe they are upset because you are only 15 and already 6 months pregnant. The color of the father may just be an issue they CAN focus on without addressing a more important issue (like having a young child that is already pregnant).



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