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ready? - September 24

Hi everyone, this isn't really a question but it's something for everyone who is a teenager who wants a child. There seems to be a lot of teenagers these days who think they are ready to start a family (myself included) and I just want to ask some questions about why you feel that way and if you are truly ready. I am not putting anyone down or anything I just want to ask you to think about this stuff before you go ahead and get pregnant. OK,# 1, what does your boyfriend or husband think about it? does he feel ready to? do you feel completely confident that he will stick around? what will you do if he runs off? # 2, what are your plans for school? are you planning on just finishing high school? do you want to go to college? how will you pay for college and for someone to watch your child? # 3, do you just want a child because your friends have one? What are you going to do when you are up all night and have to go to school and/or work? how are you planning on going out with your friends when you have a baby that is completely reliant on you? # 4, do you have a safe reliable car to transport you and your child? # 5, where are you going to live? Are you going to live with your parents? live in an apartment? Own a house? # 6, do you have $10,000 a year to pay for everything that your child needs? or are your parents going to be the main providers? # 7, have you tired getting a dog yet? i know it sounds dumb but it is a good way to learn some responsibility i have 4 dogs, my oldest is 4 and she is a spoiled little brat, they sleep with us, they have millions of toys all over, they always get their shots and go to the vet everytime they get sick (which adds up to a lot of money), and they are never alone for long. it really does sound silly but they are like our children and I think alittle more spoiled then they should be. # 8, do you know why you really want a child? Are you ready to start a family with the guy you are with? Do you want to be cool? do you feel like you need attention? Just to spite your parents? just the mothering instinct kicking in? # 9, are you prepared for stretch marks, hemorrhoids, getting fat and sometimes never getting back to your prepregnancy weight, morning sickness, backaches, emotional rollercoasters, possible losing a lot of your friends, and going through the pain of labor? and do you have the money for health insurance? food and formula? how will you get the crib, highseat, car seat, stroller, baby clothes, blankets, monitors ect? are you going to start a college fund so that when they are old enough they can go to college? and there are so many other things that have to be thought of, and prepared for to give your child the best life possible. again i am not putting everyone down because i am in the same situation but i thought everything through and am ready. and if you are planning a child please do not do it when your parents are going to have to support it and you are just going to go out and play with all your friends and make believe that you don't have that responsibility. i honestly don't think that age has to do with being a good mother and truly being ready for it, as long as you are responsible for your self and can support you and your child then that is great. Some people don't feel the need to have children until they are 35 and some never feel it at all, and I don't think that teenagers are incapable of having that need. I hope that anyone who choses to have a child at a young age thinks it through carefully because it is 24/7 365 day job for the rest of your life. I wish you luck with anything you decide!


Jillian - September 27

Nice post. Unfortunately some here are beyond help!



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