Thinking About Number 3

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BouncingBabyBoy - November 2

I really want another baby! I am still pregnant with this one and I want another! We already have names picked out. I love how all the names fit together. Avery Olivia Faith, Jairdon Alexander Elias. Then of course we have my little sister Lucinda Alexis Marie. We want to name our 3rd Isabella Grace Sofia or Gavin Elijah James. We are hoping to get pregnant early next year


Lyrah - November 2

awwhh they are gorgeous names!!! best of luck to you hun! :)


GimmeaBub - November 2

Omg! Thats awesome Hun! You are so lucky. And btw lol i was gonna name my baby Girl Olivia Elizabeth for a Girl, and Ruben Steven For a Boy! I cant wait for that moment!


Noodle - November 3

if your still pregnant now and hoping to fall again next year, are you thinking straight. i mean obviously if your sure im not gonna try and stand in your way, but have you considered giving your body at least 6 months to recover from this pregnancy. obviously you may just be one of those people who sail through without complications, get skinny right away etc, but you reproductive system coul do with a break, dontcha think? i fell pregnant with my second a year after i had my first, and i have to say, this pregnancy has been extremly hard, and my body hasnt coped well, and thats after a year. just give it some thought. second and third pregnancies are extremly more tiring then first ones, and it will be hard for you to rest during the tiresome first trimester with a very young baby. my daughter was a year and i never got any rest, and used to fall asleep standing up whlst cooking! if you do decide to try anyway- good luck - but give it some thought!


Missy - November 4

I know the feeling! I was ready for #2 when I was 6 mos along with #1 haha. Just to touch on what "Noodle" said - Please do bear in mind that your body needs (uterus especially) an ideal 18 month space between pregnancies. Not to say something terrible will happen if you don't wait BUT the odds of premature birth does rise when a women has given birth within the previous 2 yrs....That being said, my brother and I are 11 mos apart and my mom went 1 week overdue with my little bro. If you guys are financially, emotionally and physically ready - Go on girl! When are you due? I am ttc #2 now, hopefully this will be my lucky month....=D


BouncingBabyBoy - November 5

I am due December 17th. I think it is just a feeling that i am having. You know what i mean, I know my baby will be born shortly and it makes me sad..


Missy - November 5

I know EXACTLY what u mean!! I missed the kicks and everything after my DD was born....Are you having a boy or girl? What do you already have?


BouncingBabyBoy - November 5

I am having a boy and I already have a girl


kendra.marie - November 6

yah =] congrats momma. do what you wanna. ill support you hehe


krista-lee - November 6

hey, congrats :) i know how you feel, i just had my second and i want another! but we're waiting for 3rd for atleast 5 years lol. The names you have are beautiful, best of luck to you!


lady jane - November 6

OMG number 3? Geeeze i dont know what goes through your heads, i just have one 3 year old, and i cant imagine having another one, atleast not now. LOL


kendra.marie - November 6

everyones different?


Missy - November 6

Awwe I want to have a boy adn a girl! I have a little girl now, so I am hopeful that I can add a boy to the family, but if I have a girl, well then it's try try again, right? hahahhahhaa - how is everyone feeling today?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 6

Yeah I feel the same way, my daughter is 2 months...but I know I won't plan a baby until my daughter is at least 3...don't really wanna rush and I know the feeling will go away soon. If I fall pregnant down the road, I will be happy of course...but I don't really want another just yet. My husband wants one already but we aren't ready for another and I know my body definately isn't ready for another one. So to keep mu husband busy, when my daughter is a year old we will get him a dog lol


Saturn - November 7

Haha well I suppose once you get to the end of the pregnancy and all that anticipation, some women feel like doing it again! There's going to be 6 1/2 years between my girls (wasnt planned this way). I suppose in most ways its better to have your kids closer together and "out of the way" so to speak. I think we will perhaps have one more child after this one then call it quits ;¬) But you never know what the future brings...


BouncingBabyBoy - November 7

I am feeling great. My bf and I both come from huge familys so it is only natural



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