Thinking Of No2

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AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

I'm 18 and my daughter has just turned 1. Me & my bf have been discussing ttc, maybe after xmas :-) Well I dont really have a question I just wanted to tell someone seeing as we wont be telling family/friends until we actually get there!! x


lil-miss-saunders - October 16

I say if you're physically, emotionally and financially stable then go for it. Good Luck x


AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

Thank you hun :-) Yeah I think we will be ready. We've got a couple more months to think it through at least anyway, then if we decide its not the right time, we will wait til it is :-)


lil-miss-saunders - October 16

sensible girl


kendra.marie - October 16

baby you can handle it i guarantee it . your like me. im 18 my daughter is 14 months & we are ttc. this is our first month =] if you wan to chat and have msn or yahoo or aim. let me know ill give you mine & you can give me yours && we can chat. id love to talk. everyone thinks you have to be a millionaire to have a second child, we can support one fine why not two? i know probably hoping for a boy this time? but if you have a girl think. um she can wear her sisters clothes. i think like that. but i hope for a boy but id love another girl =] ehhe. well love hope & wish you the best of luck.


KooKoo - October 16

oh god another spawn to drudge on society


kendra.marie - October 16

kookoo you have no life do you?!


AbbiesMummyEm - October 16

Woohoo Kendra!! Thats cool. What is your daughters name? Obviously my girl is Abbie! It was her bday on Sunday :) To be honest I dont think I've even thought about boy or girl, I dont think I'd mind either way, but you're so right with the sisters clothes, bet it would be cheaper, but with what I'm like I doubt it cos I cant pa__s any clothes without buying at least a couple of things, there so much for girls especially. Never thought I'd enjoy anything more than clothes shopping for myself, but baby clothes are addictive hehe. God I'm boring. I got msn, it is shes-a-gem-geordie-em at hotmail co uk (dashes are in) I dont get on all that often but I'd def love a chat sometime :) I also got piczo, myspace & facebook, although I havent updated for aaaaaages :( I'll keep everything crossed for you and hope get lucky first time!! xxx


PreciousBaby19 - October 16

Hiya abbies mummyem...I'm going to be starting ttc on my birthday December 24th, 2007. so hopefully we will be ttc at the same time.


kendra.marie - October 17

yes i added you. youll have to add kelseys site to your piczo (oh kelseys my daughter hehe) heres is 3 w's add us & we can message eachother on there & we can then add eachother to facebook. thanks <3 yah thanks baby dust to you to.


KooKoo - October 18

Ugh set of dumb breeders


Tracey-uk - October 18

KooKoo - your pathetic


BouncingBabyBoy - October 19

I am 18 with a 8 mos old. I am having my second baby in December. We are already thinking and wanting a third child. So decided to TTC next year March, depending on how things are going. Athough my family things are getting in the way


LoveMyAngel - October 19

If you think you can do it physically, mentally, and you have enough money then go for it.


KiyanisMummy - October 19

AbbiesMummyEm - i am 18, have a 15 month old daughter and am 35 weeks pregnant..and i'm sorry but i gotta disagree with the other girls this time. Being pregnant with a young baby is not easy believe me, and to be honest i think if you have them too close together (as i am) your little girl will have to grow up faster because your gonna have a newboprn to worry about, and seeing how she is older your going to think of her as being bigger and capable but believe me they are still so reliant on you and its just exhausting trying to do everything....not sayin wait forever....but at least 6 months.....the difference between a 1 and 2 year old with a toddler is huge!! just giving advice so if u wanna add me to msn little _ mizz _ purrfect19 at homtail dot com. just remove spaces and u should be right!


abriamiacadia - October 22

Im almost 18 with a 2 mth year old, I want another baby sooo badly. I dont know why though.I can barely handle my son lol. So Ima wait til i'm at least 23. Though when I do get preggers later on, I'm afraid I wont love any other babies as much as I love my son. i mean i'll love them but Im afraid my son will always be my favorite. Will that make me a bad mom? lol


kendra.marie - October 22

um well i cant say ive felt that way ive felt opposite. im scared i will love my baby more then my daughter? or im afraid all the time with a new baby will make kelsey feel this way? so im nervous baout hat but i want kelsye to help she loves babies & i think shell be a great big sister. so in the long run i know i couldnt love nayone more then i love kelsye & i know i will love all my children but i dont know maybe one more then the next? who knows. dont feel bad but i think you should wait a wile beign beign pregnant & raising a baby.



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