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Madi - June 16

Am I pregnant? It's a scary question. You look at yourself in the mirror and you swear you can see your br___ts swelling and your tummy growing right before your own eyes. You feel you have every symptom of pregnancy. It's almost like a disease. You could not possibly be pregnant; yet, your stomach churns as you count down the days until your next period. 28 days in a normal cycle, you say to yourself. Though it's true that some girls have a shorter or longer cycle. You wonder how long your cycle was in the past. Why did you not keep track of your period before? You pace to and fro and you cannot sit still. Questions cloud your mind. What if I am pregnant? How could I have let this happen? Should I buy a take home pregnancy test? Should I wait longer? Should I tell someone? Should I find out about abortions? You really are not sure if you are pregnant just yet But you worry so much, that suddenly the symptoms start popping up. You find that you have to pee more often. You crave foods and eat more. You feel really emotional, crying at the tiniest thing. You haven't thrown up in the morning yet, but you've felt like you should. You swear your pants are tighter and your bras are smaller. Then suddenly, a week later, your period is supposed to come. You just pray so hard that it will. And then suddenly you realize by midnight, it's not coming. You vow to only wait a few more days, then you'll go out to a drug store and buy one of those take-home tests. They cost like 14 dollars, right? You can even go to a drug store where no one will know you and you can pack your sunglasses in your bag to wear from the car or bus into the drug store. You go online and you look up "pregnancy symptoms" or "Early signs of pregnancy." You continue to read with urgency and every symptom seems to be just like YOU. You swear someone can hear your inner thoughts, your pounding heart. What if right now you have a baby growing inside? How could you afford a child? Give it a life that he/she deserves? Would your boyfriend stick around once you told him you decided to keep she/he/have an abortion? Should you keep the child if he leaves? Put your baby up for adoption? What about school, friends, parties, college, the future? Your mind races faster and faster. You touch your belly and you feel the butterflies fluttering. You decide to go to bed. Tomorrow you'll buy the pregnancy test. It has to say negative... falling asleep isn't easy but once you do you have nightmares. The next morning you make it to the drug store. You see so many different kinds of take-home tests. You buy the one you head about on TV. You pick up a drink, a magazine, and makeup. Maybe the cashier won't notice the pregnancy test. You put it down underneath everything else. The cashier rings it up. She doesn't seem to notice what you've bought and you head on out. Once you're home, you're scared your Mom or Dad will find something that shows you bought the test. You rip up the receipt and you smash the box up real tiny after reading the directions. You hide it in your bag and you'll throw it away later outside of the house. And you go to the bathroom. You cannot pee. You're too nervous. What if you miss the test or the test comes out wrong? What if you're not doing it right? You nervously hold the test underneath. You go. You just keep on peeing until you're sure it's enough. And you slowly bring the test forward. It says... You never know what the test might say. But if you take the risk and fool around or have s_x without protection, the answer on the test might be positive. Your whole life will change. You open your eyes and you look at it closely... The test is NEGATIVE. This time anyway. Your eyes flood with tears of relief and your stomach immediately stops churning. You break into a flood of nervous laughter. It's over. You don't ever want to go through that kind of stress again. You throw the test in with the crushed box. You click your heels. You smile. You dance. You pat yourself on the back. Don't go through all that stress. It's scary. If you use protection, some form, condoms, Birth control - you'll save yourself from worry. Because next time, it might be POSITIVE.


Shana - August 8

Awesome Article!!!!


Kati - August 8

Wow that is deep!.......and it sounds so right to ya know?


asdg - August 8




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