This Is A Question For The Pregnant Teens

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Ashley - April 12

hi i think i am pregnant ive been cramping off and on all the time my br___ts specially my nipples are REALLY sore i get little flutters in my stomach and i have had high temps. ive been feeling sick and i spotted instead of getting my period on the 30th of march. but i have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative i am pretty sure that i am pregnant by the way my body is acting and stuff but my question is have any of you got negative results but found out you were really pregnant? thank you so much for reading this.


Ashley - April 12

somebody please answer


Ashley - April 12

anybody there


maya - April 12

u probably pregnant. u should wait again to take a test because u probably don't have enough HG somethin in ur urine. to be on the safe side go to a free clinic. it would be best. how old r u. if u r good luck and congrats. and please don't give an abortion


Ashley - April 12

thanks for your advice, im 17. what does everyone else think?


jenna - April 12



Ashley - April 12

jenna what do you mean by crongrats? you think i am pregnant?


Ashley - April 12

i am going crazy i just want to know, i have that line going under my belly b___ton to my pelvic area my mom and aunt are the ones who pointed it out to me so why can't i get a positive pregnancy test?


katie - April 12

u might be u should go to a doctor and find out for sure.My first pregnacy test was negative 2 but i whent to the doctor anyway and found out i was.


Ashley - April 12

kaite how did the doctor find out you were pregnant?


Ashley - April 12

oh and how far along were you?


erica - April 12

ok girl, it happens i took four pregnancy tests and all negative. it happens dont know why but then four months later when i thought i was just "skipping" i was pregnant. it does happen!!! hope this helps.


Ashley - April 12

thanks erica that helped, im going out of my mind though lol


Grandpa Viv - April 12

Hi temps as in 98.6, or over 99? So when was the pregnancy test? Your hCG doubles every few days, so a negative on Wednesday may turn to a positive by Saturday. Some women don't get a positive home test until 8 weeks. There is a suggestion that this happens more to those who are overweight. The line (Linea Nigra) is as sure a sign as any - usually doesn't show until late in the first trimester. Repeat the home test once a week, and take prenatal vitamins until you are sure you are not pregnant. Good luck!


Ashley - April 12

thanks grandpa viv


crystal - April 13

You should go to the doctor. If u go to the doctor the can take a urine test(which is way stonger than a at home test they can pick up the pregnany hormone better) or a blood test which is almost always right. u can go to a planned parenthood near u.


Shelby - April 13

Your probably pregnant . But Spotting Is a sign of a miscarrige.I'm pregnant and my First prenatal visit gave me book and it said that.Try to go to a doctor.



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