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shesdymed - June 13

hey everyone, im pretty sure some of u probably remember me from my previous q&a. i've been really busy with school finals that i havent had the time to come on her and see how everyone is doing . well to make a long story short, honestly this time i havent been trying to get pregnant, after the abortion and before when i thought i was pregnant i let mother hood go and let nature take its course. well i was feelin weird lately so im thinking maybe its because im gettin my period. i missed my period so i took a test and i didnt pay too much mind to it vcause i figured maybe my period is jjust trying to regulate itself. i fell asleep the next mornin i went to go throw the test out and i looked at it one more time and it was positive. OMG I WENT CRAZY. i was in uch shock i didnt know what to do.. so i ran to the bathroom and redid it with a new one && it came out positive yet the line is veryyy light but omg i just cant believe this. in a way im excited but in a way im not. its just mixed emotions


LaurenKaylyn17 - June 13

When I took my first pregnancy test the second line came out really faint. But it still means you're pregnant, at least thats what the pamplet that comes with the pregnancy test should tell you. Well good luck :]


Jamie-Lee - June 14

You should still go to the doctor to confirm it.I didn't see your previous post,did you have an abortion or just thinking about having one?I had mixed emotions at first too,that was before I told my Mom.She's excited about it so that got me excited.


shesdymed - June 14

no i had an abortion and omg . . even tho i pregnant and i feel a little tiny bit better about it. i still feel horrible for what i did. its just such a bad feeling. my mom knew about it the first time but i know its not goin to b as easy to tell her again and this time idc what anyone says im keepin my baby.


midnight_drift - June 19

I remember you, weren't you pregnant like a month ago? Hmm? And before that you had an abortion, or did you have another?



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