This Is Reallly Crazy Weird Please Help

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AlyssaR - September 25

So i don't know if i am pregnant yet or not, because i think it is too early to take a test, however, i have been having really weird things happen. I have had uterus like cramps but it feels like a stretching type feeling, i smoke and now when i do i feel like gagging, i get hiccups alot but they don't last long like usual just like 4 then they are gone but i got them i think like 10 times yesterday, and when i drank alcohol twice this past week everytime i threw up JUST ONCE, when normall if i had drank too much i wouldn't stop...i felt fine before and after i had thrown up too which is also weird. Anyways, could anyone please tell me if this happened to them in early pregnancy?? :) thankks!! sorry if it's tmi!!


Grandpa Viv - September 26

Sensitivity to smells, especially smoke and perfumes and perhaps cooking meat, can be an early sign of pregnancy. If you are due on at the end of September and had a possible contraceptive malfunction the week of Sep 13th, then for sure you should quit smoking and alcohol and take a home test next weekend using first morning pee. Repeat a week later if still in doubt. GL!


AlyssaR - September 28

so i have been also having lower abdominal cramps too...which sucks lol and i kissed my boyfriend and LITERALLY gagged cuz his breath *which smelled bad cuz food but usually i don't gag but i literally did* and also saturday i had a weird clear, sticky, (TMA) elastic like discharge...which is really weird is that a sign of pregnancy too or just ovulation?


Grandpa Viv - September 28

Some women talk of a "gooey glob" of discharge and others just "wet down there". Other frequent signs are fatigue, more peeing, appet_te changes, b___b and nipple signs, upset gut, hot flashes, light headed moments, runny nose, vivid dreams etc.


AlyssaR - September 29

ha yeah! i took a test the other day it was negative but i think its a week early...also my stomach keeps growling like im hungry, even after i eat ALOT lol i don't know if this could also be a sign? cuz i have a runny/stuffy nose, sneezing ALOT, cramps, sensitive nipples, dizzy and tired and i don't know lol


Laurisa - October 6

Alyssa, your symptoms do match the sign of an early pregnancy. If you suspect that you are pregnant, you should make an appointment at a Planned Parenthood or your doctor's office for a pregnancy test. The tests that doctor's offices use are more sensitive in detecting hCG (the pregnancy hormone). You can guess all day long about being pregnant, but a pregnancy test is the only way to find out.



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