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becca - May 9

The fetus that is being aborted is not anyone's but the minor's to control. Not the parents of the parents of the fetus. It's another 'being' in all and can't be owned by anybody but the 'parent' that it's attached to. and its also not your choose to decide either so please stop forcing your opinion on others who wish to have abortions judt because you dont agree


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 9

and stop forcing your opinions on us!!! this is a forum for opinions and advice,and abortion will always be a debate topic,and so far ive not seen anyone justify abortions!


To above - May 9

Thats because no one has to justify them to you. You're the one who keeps kicking up a fuss over it. Chill out and get over it!


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 9

i should get over the fact that people can kill there babies just because they dont take precautions.its sick.ive already had this debate with you and face it you know its wrong! or are you one of these murderers!


Audrey - May 9

Becca- You have a point. There is a case in Florida where the state court has stopped a 13 year old from having an abortion because they believe she is "too immature" to make the decision for herself. To me, that's cruel. Why should anyone force a woman (no matter what age) to have a child that she does not want and knows she cannot care for? There are more than enough homeless and abused children in the world already. I dislike abortion myself but sometimes it is necessary.


To: abortion is murder!FACT! - May 9

Thats right, THEIRS not yours. You really are a very judgemental and stereotyping person.


... - May 9

Just because someone supports an individuals right to have an abortion doesn't automatically mean they have had one.


maya - May 9

i agree with abortion is murder!FACT. just because ur not ready dosen't mean u have the right to kill ur baby. i would never. i don't care my situation. i would give my baby up for adoption. i would do anythin for my baby as long as it is livin. period.


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 9

im not a stereotyping person,i just have strong feeling against abortion,how does this make me a bad person,im not the one whos doing anything wrong! what maya said is right,if a baby is not wanted then there is always someone out there who will love it and give it a good home! cant you understand that people need to start taking responsibility for there actions,everyone knows what s_x can lead to..........


maya - May 9

i wish everyone could see it ur way. they act like havin an abortion will make there problems go away. it makes them have more problems. I aslo feel strong about abortion.


Jen - May 9

If you are strongly against abortion than you should never get one. This is the point that people go around and around about. You have control over your body and not anyone else's. I have worked with children for 15 years, infants through high school. I have seen enough neglected, abused, and born drug addicted children to be convinced that some people should not be parents and some people just can't be. Unfortunatley some of these children will grow up to do the same to their children. Whether it be that you are not capable or not willing to be a parent you should have a choice. Nobody likes abortion. It is also possible to get pregnant while using some form of birth control so not everybody gets pregnant because they didn't take precautions.


becca - May 10

becca well im glad some of u agree to murder is a fact im not forcing my opinon on u but you do it with posts likabortion is murcder FACT N STUFF LIKE THATS IS FUKIN RIDICULOUS


Bored of seeing your posts... - May 10

Having an abortion is one way of dealing with it, and what the hell has it got to do with you, you interfering self righteous little moron? Stop bloody talking down to people thinking you are the only person is this world that does everything right. Its none of your god d__n business and how dare you decide what someone else should do with their bodies and their lives you silly little nosey, interfering, judgemental, contradictory, moralistic, moronic person. And Maya? You're 11 years old, what do you know?


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 10

maya might just be 11,but she is mature and knows alot more than alot of people on here,so back off and leave her alone,shes ent_tled to her opinion as much as the rest of us! and i dont see why everyone alates people for being against abortion when we cant slate people for having them without abuse...............omg this is a debate,its what its all about!!!!


Jennifer - May 10

Intelligent debates are done without pointing fingers, swearing, and calling each other names. You are calling people murderers, who isn't going to get angry at you for that?


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 10

but abortion is murder,im just stating a well know fact!


Above - May 10

= sad



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