This Sounds Silly But Y Does Baby Take So Long To Come Out

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curious - May 6

I know this sounds so silly and immature but babies take so long to come out. I'm so ready to meet my baby and the closer the days get the longer the days feel. Y couldn't we have our babies at seven months.


worried - May 6

Dear Lord, how old are you? 10???


curious - May 7

I' am not ten. I'm just so excited and can no longer wait to have and hold my child. Have you ever been preg? It's a exciting feeling. But the more closer you get to your due date it seems like forever that's all I was saying. N I'm 18 years old. Just a happy and excited 18 year old. and I did say that the question might sound silly and immature :(


Bethany - May 7

I totally understand you...I'm not preg and i've never been preg...but my best friend is pregnant and i'm just as excited as her. we can't wait till she has her baby, and she asked me to be the God mother.


Curious - May 7

Congrats on being a God mother! I still haven't picked any yet. Tell me when she has her little one :)


Jbear - May 8

If you had your baby at seven months, chances are your baby would spend at least a month in neonatal intensive care. Pregnancy might seem like it lasts forever, but it will be over before you know it, and it will be months before you get to sleep more than three hours at a time.


curious - May 8

no ya'll are taking my words wrong. Instead of nine months why not seven months. I'm getting really antsy now and I just can't wait ANYMORE :(


Jbear - May 8

I had that eager feeling with my first. I used to crochet just to keep calm. I'm pregnant with my second, and now that I know how much work newborns are, this little one can stay in here for a good while, I can wait!


to curious - May 8

9 months is how long the baby takes to develop and grow.....


curious - May 8

I know it takes nine months for a baby to fully develop so that they are able to live outside the womb... I know, I know. But instead of nine months y couldn't it be seven months. Y couldn't they fully be developed at seven months..... it's taking to gosh darn long :(


to curious - May 8

because thats how long is needed fot it to be fully developed,just like me saying why do you have to keep having s_x for months on end to get pregnant,why cant it happen first try..its just life!!!


jada - May 8

its just the gestational period for the type of mammals we are. Be glad your not an elephant, their pregnancies last 22 months ;-) xxx


Curious - May 8

I know dolphins and other mammals takes up to a year or even two. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying instead of nine months why not seven, ( I would have been had my baby :( Why couldn't they be fully ready to survive outside the womb at seven months. I'm tired of being preg now and I really want to meet my baby.


anon - May 9

how come you call yourself curious and not stupid???


Q - May 9

It's mother nature and nothing can change it


garyetta - May 10

what did u do, fall down the stupid tree, maybe u shud, u kno, learn something, your a stupid idiot, 7 months, how small do u want your baby to be, go anon, shes got it right!!! down with communism!!!!!


anon - May 11

you want a tissue curious? sorry, i mean stooopid



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