Tired And Depressed

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Ky - June 1

Came off the birth control pill ( was on it for a year) on around the 5th of May and of course got a period as you do from the 6th- 11th.It lasted six days.i was having s_x every day until i got my first period which has came on its own around the 15th - 18th inclusive-lasted 4 days.I had s_x every day after that and its now the 1st of June. I'm feeling so tired( i mean extremely tired) and weak and i have been having a sore lower stomach aswell as feeling a bloated. We are trying so hard for this baby and i know its early days but i don't know how long its going to take-yes i know everyones body is different but i'm struggling for motivation to have s_x already. I feel guilty because people try for years to concieve but i can't help but feel that it's going to take so long already :(


Ky - June 1

and also i feel sick sometimes but it's not in the morning its usually around 1pm.have i just not understood the concept of morning sickness correctly? Pleas help someone?


Audrey - June 1

KY- Judging from your symptoms I'd say you're pregnant. "Morning sickness" can actually happen any time of the day. If you've missed a period take a home pg test. Good luck!


Mother T - June 1

Im happy that your trying for a baby because you seem like a very nice person, motivation for s_x can be hard and it can get a bit borin day after day after day i understand that, maybe before you and your parter have s_x you could try and work towards an orgasm to make you feel 'h__y' if your partner can touch you in a way that you start 'gagging for it' then great. Please keep us posted Best Regards


Ky - June 1

thank you. to you both. I haven't reached the stage of knowing if i've missed a period yet because when i was on the pill i missed them sometimes which meant i would get a period for about 2 days then next week would miss another and have another period. So basically my next due one should be on the 6th-10th yeah? and another Q. my b___sts aren't tender but my nipples are really sensitive and are really erect...is that a sign even after this short amount of time?


Ky - June 1



Ky - June 1

i also have been experiencing a tingly feeling in my hands and feet, especially my fingers. i dont know if this can be withdrwal from the pill or ???


TO KY - June 1

My biggest pregnancy symptom was VERY sensitive nipples. I think you are pregnant....take a test a day or two before you are to get your period and if it comes up a BFN take another test the day after you miss your period with your first morning urine. Good Luck!!! Let us know if you get a BFP!!!


crystal - June 1

yes def. take a test so was your period in may right?


Ky - June 1

yes it was in May , i took a test yesterday and it was negative, its not really been long enough though if it's only been 2 weeks for a test to work, i might only be a week if that :( what about the tingling in my hands and feet? period aint due till another 2 weeks. Still attempting to get pregnant through s_x even twice a day to see if it helps. Really don't like the waiting game.. :'(


Ky - June 2

Please help me people...


crystal - June 2

the only thing i can say is wait until your expected period and take another test .. and yes your can be preg and the test say your not i was.....but until then have s_x and let him c_m in you everytime and then maybe....thats all i can say


Q - June 2

Over-doing the s_x wont do you any good really because you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating - and you only do that once a month, plus if you havent had a proper period yet (as you've been having withdrawal bleeds from the pill) To be honest if I were you I'd wait until you had had a proper period before you start trying or you wont know where you are. And that way you will be able to work out when you are ovulating. Because if you are losing the motivation for s_x already, then if you carry on you may end up resenting it, as that happened to a friend of mine. I think you just need to try and be patient because if you hope so much and nothing happens the disappointment may get hard to bear.


Ky - June 2

Thank you crystal you have been very helpful to many people what age are you and are you expecting


To Q - June 2

see tell it straight and you get no thanks....... obviously childish cuz your sayin what she dont wanna hear....


whoever wrote that - June 2

there is no need to be like that abou this kind of situation, im sorry for not thanking your post Q i was just jumping online quickly. I appreciate any advice given and i can entirely understand Q sorry if any offence was taken


Ky - June 2

It's 22:05PM where i am and im going through excruciating pain with my nipples. i dont think i can get to sleep they are so sore :( this normal?



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