Tired Of Pregnancy Test Coming Negative

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yamili - September 14

ok i;m soo feed up i'm just wasting my freaking money on pregnancy tests or am i sterile ??? ok soo here is my question sooo barre with me and plz give me a good advice my boyfriend and i have had like 2 or 3 months having s_x but unprotected am i sterile or what he comes inside of me like more than 3 times i just don't know why i can't get pregnant or what's best for me 2 get pregnant i missed me period yesterday and today i took a pregnancy test and it came up saying "NOT PREGNANT" i don't get it why i mean why i can't get pregnant is there something i can buy soo it can make me have a baby cuz i really want a baby but i can't it's sooo frustrating but i want a baby i';m 19 yrs old and me and my boyfriend we already tried everything but it looks like it doesn't work i'm soo sick of tired i just want a baby plz give me some advice :( ...yamili


A - September 14

well me and my boyfriend started having s_x in october, and in december stopped using protectiong and i thought to myself can i not get pregnant or can he not get me pregnant, but now i am pregnant i had my last period june 20th and missed my first period july 18th. now i am 12 weeks pregnant , it just took awhile i guess we werent hopeing for a baby or wanting one exactly but we werent exaclty preventing it either now were we lol. so i wouldnt give up hope i mean i always thought i couldnt get pregnant and look at where im at now. goodluck


Grandpa Viv - September 14

Yamili, your hCG hormonr may not be high enough yet for the test to pick up. Wait a week and try again. Do you have any preg signs other than being a day late?


J - September 14

It took me 10 YEARS to get pregnant - no rush - it will happen when it happens...


M - September 15

Maybe it is not in Gods plan for you to have a baby yet. Maybe you could try fertility pills, make an appt with an OBGYN and see your possibilities


Ollie - September 15

2 or 3 months isnt long at all to be trying although it seems like it at the time. You just need to work out when your most fertile time is (when you are ovulating) and have the most s_x around them. You can buy kits that helps you check when you are ovulating. Try and be patient and dont let it take over your life. If you are worried about being infertile get checked out at the doctors, although its unlikely as you are having periods.


soleil - September 15

thats not a long time to be trying, it will happen when it happens if after 6-12 mo nothing then you should talk to your doctor. But i know lots of woman that it took atleast 1 year to become pregnant and a friend that took her 3 years, she was convinced she was not able to have kids and then one day she turned out pg.


..... - September 17

why don't you get married first? keep trying at the same time..... I always think marriage is a good option


Kristina - September 19

Sometimes it can take up to two years to have a baby once you start trying. Don't try so hard. The baby will come when it's ready,


:s - September 19

my bf and i have been trying to get pregnant from march its been about 6 months now and still NO BABY, every time my peroid comes i jus end up being disappointed...i just dont understand. we're doing everything right including having s_x when im most fertile :S. I guess when God is ready to give me a baby he will, but until then i wouldnt stop trying!


lee - September 20

i am also 19 and going through the same thing me and my feionce have been trying for 8 months to get pregnant and well its not working and im tired of getting negative results also i know how u feel


shalonda - September 20

you cant take a test the next day you have to wait a month or so if you pee alot your pregnant because you uterus is growing


latoya - September 20

my name is toya this is what you do every time your periode comes try to keep track of your ovulation


yamili - September 21

hey guy's sorry i'm late and thanks for y'alls possting well i'm soo desapointed i got my periods and gosh i'm in a bad mood . bye



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