To 16 Year Old Brittany

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V - September 5

Just thought you would want to read To Anyone...again cuz you do have some support out there. I noticed it after you said your were not going to read under that anymore. FYI....I did not post there. Just looking. Good luck.


brittany - September 2

thanks V. I started to skim through but realized it was the same type of people aside from 1 or 2..they are all set in their own ways and definitely wont listen to reason..all I wanted to explain was that I was put in a bad situation and im trying my best to make the best out of it ya know? but it's ok :o) these people dont matter..thanks though!


V - September 2

Just cuz I point you to it did not mean I was on your side. Sorry.


brittany - September 2

never said you were..simply explained why im not looking on there- dont need your appologies but thanks :o)


To Britt - September 2

Chin up girly, just surround yourself with people that will support you... you will be fine!


brittany - September 2

thank you very much :o) im completely surround by very positive people. not to say that i have discovered who my true friends are through this, but thats all for the better. Im surround by my family, friends, church, and boyfriend.. and I am completely happy. thanks a lot :o) this forum and these girls need more people like you!


Cory - September 2

You are so happy. That is why you are so defensive and knocking other girls who have made the decision to put their child up for adoption. Those who live in gla__s houses should not throw stones!


brittany - September 2

Yes when I get accusations such as you are a dumba__s, you are still in highschool, you work at McDonalds, your boyfriend is a loser, your parents are terrible, and you didnt use birth control..I am going to be defensive.. but that certaintly doesnt mean I am not happy. She knocked me about keeping mine and being irresponsible, so I simply told her that she was being just as irresposible for giving her child to someone..


Bryant - September 2

Blah, Blah, Blah I'm so supported and that is why I am trolling the net for support. HAH, don't make me fall down laughing! I have read alot of your posts and you wine about people bashing you for keeping your baby but yet you bash others who have decided to give theirs up for adoption. You don't practice what you preach girlie girl. Stop being so judgemental your choice is not necessarily the right one for others.


Loren - September 2

Brittany you are a hypocrit!


Shirley - September 2

Giving your child up is not being irresponsible. It is making a hard but wise decision when you are only a teenage. As a teenager you don't have the resouces, education, knowledge, wisdom, or finances to raise a child much less plan for them financially to be taken care of if you should die in a car accident, cancer, etc. I am sure you have not thought about that though............ It is too bad that your mother did not do her job correctly otherwise you would not be in this predicament.


Sarah - September 3

Brittany I can't believe you have had the nerve to compare adoption to abortion in other posts. You have not clue how hard it is to give a baby up for adoption and it is being responsible. Not being responsible is trying to be a teenage mum and not being able to raise the child properly. Go post somewhere else clueless.


Tara - September 3

Brittany you must be one of the more self absorbed people on this forum. Of course what you are doing is right & everyone else's decisions are wrong. I feel sorry for your child!


Jill - September 3

When are you going to understand that s_x is NOT a responsible action and it does not qualify you to be a responsible parent! Quite the opposite if you think about it.


Tori - September 3

I would strongly recommend adoption if you are a teenage mother. It is the only way to ensure that you child gets the necessities in life.


Unknown Friend - September 15

I know Brittany and that is definitely her...............


Daile - September 26

To all the people who are saying that it's irresponsible to be a teenage mom, you're wrong!!! My sister is 19 and has two beautiful sons. She had her first at 15. And they are both loved and happy. They have everything they need and then some. Just because some teenagers aren't equipped to handle a child doesn't mean that none of them are. You need to stop making generalizations and look at each situation separatly. I don't know what Brittany's situation is, but you shouldn't put her down for deciding to keep her child.



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