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Audrey - February 24

You asked about the abortion procedure, so I will describe it, at the risk of bringing down the wrath of the pro-lifers on the site. You go into the clinic or hospital, and will have a brief physical examination. Then you lie on the table and will be given an anesthetic (local or general depending on the situation). A speculum holds your va___a open while the doctor uses a series of tools to force open the cervix. Then a loop of wire called a curette is used to sc__pe the lining of the uterus away (D&C) or a small vacuum pump sucks the contents of the uterus out (D&E). The anesthetic wears off in a short time and after a recovery period you're allowed to go home. Your abdomen will hurt but Tylenol or Advil should help some. The actual procedure lasts about 15-20 minutes. Afterwards you'll have blood or spotting for up to three weeks as the uterus heals. It's recommended to not have s_x afterwards until the body is completely healed. (Yes, you CAN get pregnant again right afterwards!)


///// - February 24

What she did not tell you is that the part being vacuumed is the baby that has been ripped to pieces inside you.


becca - February 25

erm could you have not emailed this to her insted of broadcasting it for all to read


Audrey - February 25

Becca- "Ashley" did not leave an Email to which I could send it. Besides, I intentionally put a warning in the t_tle so people do not have to read it if they don't want to.


To Becca - February 25

Do you think this site is only for you? She wouldnt have posted it if not asked so other people do want to know what happens. You dont HAVE to read every post. Ive noticed you ask why people who are not pregnant or teens are coming on here. Well you are not getting an abortion so the same could be asked of you. Why are you wanting to read about abortion? Because the t_tle isnt misleading, so it wasnt a mistake.


PP - February 25

Also most clinics will only give a little valium to relax and no anesthetic. You will also see what is being sucked out. You will also pa__s huge clots and lots of blood for a while.


What Crap!! - February 25

Have you ever had one?? Nope.. probably not! Im not trying to convince people that all's ok and that its an easy option but i think it's wrong to supply scared young teans with poor, incorrect advise, but the !! Sure the procedure is probably correct im not disputing that! but just to let you know how it was for me.... I had an abortion just over a year ago... i had an examination, tests, bloods etc a week b4 i was booked in, on the day i was examined and had a tablet inserted to the cervex to relax the muscles, i was then taken for a general anesthetic. When i awoke there was no pain... The only thing that 'scared' me was when i tried to stand the blood that had collected in my womb emptied itself as i stood (sorry to be graphical) it didnt hurt but it's scary to see it happen, i layed for a little longer and as soon as i had a drink and something to eat and felt ok i was allowed home (bout 1 hour) There was no spotting or bleeding at all after the procedure, there was no pain, nothing. Yu cant use Tampons for this first bleed due to risk of infection, and your advised to abstain from s_x for 3-5 days or until you feel well enough too. Sure there is a certain amount of emotional backlash.. but i feel this is only the case if it was something you didnt really want to do. Im not being harsh but, i didnt 'feel the loss' or regret doing it as i never accepted i was pregnant to start with and it was something I never wanted, and as i made sure it was a decision i was 100% sure of it hasnt affected me. Good Luck in everything you chose in life.x


becca - February 25

wow calm down i asked a question was that so wrong not really i just wanderd why and if she had thats all and why are you reading this then ??? no this site is for people who need and who can give decent advice


bnm - February 25

well then that counts you out because you are thick becca and gettin a right snatch


becca - February 25

why does that count me out then "bnm" how am i thick may i ask i didnt understand the last part and no im not actully thick


Audrey - February 25

Personally I believe that those clinics that only give Valium must be sadistic. Nobody wants to see or remember something like that. I had a D&C in hospital in Nov. for a non-viable pregnancy and they put me under, for which I am thankful.


PP - February 25

Yes a D&C for a non viable pregnancy. But an elected abortion where I live is done exactly like I descrided and in a clinic. Very few hospitals do elective abortions. Atleast where I live. It was a t the womens health center in Charleston WV and I went with a team mate. I know very well what happened and I can say that maybe they wanted it to make an impact.


PP - February 25

To what c___p: Maybe it should have affected you more profoundly. Maybe it was too easy. And it depends on the procedure.


TRUE FACTS:face them... - February 26

TO WHAT CRAP AND WHO EVER ELSE THINKS THIS IS A GREAT ANSWER FOR YOUR MISBEHAVING: before you think that it is such a great thing we are able to make our desicions on this go look at this web site and see what happens to the babies your aborting due to your playin around... do you know that when you get so far along they put saline in you to burn the baby to death.and if your not too far then you it just gets ripped apart and sucked if your worried about how you will feel afterwords then maybe you should think about how the baby feels as it gets burned to death or ripped apart....


Reply to everyone - February 26

This is not a site on abortion pros and cons or a debated site on it. So I wish everyone would give these young ladies advice about what they are asking and if they inquire about such things as abortion, adoption do the right thing and help them find a place that can support them emotionally in what ever decision they make (on there own), and find one in the area of where they live, yes everyone has an opinion on what they think is right and wrong and just because some one decides to do something the way you wouldn't choose it does not make it the wrong way. That is why we fought for the right to vote and say things as woman, to make our own decisions as a grown responsible person and if you can't make your own decisions than you should not be making the decision to have s_x.


true facts - February 26

it is all facts and it all happens ....and if an abortion is the best choise maybe u should not be havin s_x then.....or take the proper should know that the life in you is most def a baby and it isnt their fault that u made the choice to hae s_x far as the grl herself ...she can bleed out due to the so scarred that she may never be able to have babies again.....i just say make the right choice by not havin s_x then.....


Michaela - February 26

Audrey there is more to abortion than that! I'am pro-life but I know about abortion and I hate it I look at pictures and the procedure sometimes and it kills me! But, here is more of the procedure: During an abortion, the pregnancy is removed from the uterus. The method depends upon the stage of pregnancy and the woman's preference. During the appointment, clinic staff will explain the procedure, risks, medications, options, and what to expect after the abortion. Vacuum Aspiration-(1) an injection to numb the cervix, (2) insertion of a soft flexible tube through the cervix into the uterus, (3) suction created by an aspirating machine to remove the uterine contents. It takes less than five minutes to complete. (usually happens around 6-13 weeks) They have another one were they grab the baby by the legs,pucture a tube in its small little head suck the little brains out (tear),and remove the baby from the birth ca___l. How can someone do that?



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