To Abort Or Not

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amandaK - November 9

i dont know what my opinion is my ex boyfriend wants me to get an abortion but im scared how im going to feel afterwards....will things be emotionally different? i dont think i could look at another baby again but i dont want to ruin my life. i guess i should have thought about that b4 though...


KM - November 9

first of all, I am going to warn you. This is the WORST place to ask for abortion opinions,it's just going to cause a huge unpleasant debate most likely. I'm going to tell you from personal experience that you need to make a decision based on your own morals, beliefs and feelings. Do not ask anyone else's opinion, because you can't be pushed in either direction. In the end it is you,and you alone who has to live with the consequences of either decision that you make.If you want, i would think it would be more advisable to ask ppl about their experiences instead, with either decision. I suggets making a list of pros and cons of each option, abortion, keeping, and adoption.I was in the same position as you 9 mnths ago except my bf was the one who wanted me to keep the baby, and I freaked out and immediately wanted abortion.After researching the procedure and fetal development,and thinking about what I believed in, I decide I could NEVER go through with an abortion, and although it was the easy way out, it's not what I believe in.It just wasn't for me. So I decided to keep my baby. Let me tell you this pregnancy has NOT been easy. I am getting induced in a week because I can't handle anymore of it. My friends stopped coming around, and I missed out on a lot of parties and fun all summer, which were my grad parties.and those friends probably wont be a part of my life anymore, because now I have more responsibility than they can eevn imagine.I am still very happy with my decision and proud of myself for making it.But for me, being done school, having the support of my family and my bfs family, made it possible for me to accomodate a baby into my life. You may not be in such a good situation. Abortion will affect some ppl emotionally and it will really mess them up, others will feel relief and be ok with their decision. I haev a close friend who decided on abortion just a month ago and she stands by her decision. It all depends on you.And you need to know that a baby doesn't ruin your life. It will add many positive things to it.No one ever says they regret having their kids.It will definitely make life more of a challenge for you though.Good luck


Terri - November 9

KM -Good answer!!! Amanda K - Good luck in whatever you decide. But, please, please, do your research first before you make your decision..Okay? Good luck Terri



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