To Abort Or Not To Abort

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anonymous - October 6

i was very fat, i had no br___ts, i had a gap between my teeth, and i hated my life. my first year of high school was miserable. but i got a makeover. i thought that if got my nose did that more people would find me attractive. and i got br___t implants but they had little effect on people. i wanted to start this school year off differently but i couldn't get a boyfriend because boys still find me disgusting. so i fell in love with and had s_x with a teacher i had last year in nineth grade. i am now pregnant. it was mostly my fault because i did seduce him. he is the only person who ever understood me. i love him but he doesn't want us to keep the baby. he has inspired me to run away from home and stay out of school until we deal with the situation so i have a lot of time to think. he gives me thousands of reasons why getting an abortion would be the best thing for us at this time and i agreed with him at the time but i just don't think i can get an abortion. he also tells me that if i don't get an abortion he will leave me and sue me for custody of the baby. i am not desperate to have a man but if i have a baby then i feel that it is my responsibilty and i wouldn't want to loose him or her. in a way if i choose not to get an abortion, i will loose both people i love most in life. you are the first people i am telling this and i don't know what to do. i'm scared for the first time in my life. i am supposed to go in monday for the procedure.


March_Mommy06 - October 6

Okay, I am not sure how to reply to this but heres my attempt. If you want ot have this baby, go for it. He cannot get custody at all, and if he tries he will probably end up in jail for statutory rape. I would not worry about him. If he loved you back, he would respect your decisions, but obviously he doesnt. Don't run away, you are asking for even more trouble! Be honest with your family ASAP


- October 6

first of all thats called rape, if he was a teacher. u need to tell someone, and please dont have an abortion give ur baby up for adoption, please give it a chance


to an - October 7

it depends on how old you are to know if you were raped are not. if you are over 16 then it is not considered statutory rape. in this case, the guy can sue for custody. however if you play your cards right you could ruin this teacher's life and make it so he can't find work then you can keep your baby


me - October 7

it depends on where you live. in the US it is illegal to have s_x with a minor and he can go to jail, and if the school where he works finds out he will also probably lose his job.


Ashlie - October 7

Oh dear, please read this before monday. First go to and type in silent scream, watch that and then decide if you want to have an abortion. they suck the baby out of you with a small tube that rips the babies body off little by little and then they go in and crush the head and pull it out. Okay now that I am crying.. I will try to continue. I dont understand how you had a nose job and b___st implants at what 16? 17? I also dont believe that someone who is brainwashing you to run away and drop out of school is "inspiring" Another thing, he will not be able to sue you for custody, so I dont know where he got his info from, another thing, if he trys to get some type of custody he is most likely going to get in some type of trouble for having s_x with a minor. Think of it this way, this man obviously does not love you because otherwise he wouldnt be hidding the fact that you two are going to have a baby and he wouldnt want you to drop out of school or run away, so if you have an abortion and this boy (he obviously isnt a man) leaves you then what? then you are left with nothing, and the chances of having another baby after an abortion are slimmer because it messes with your body. If you want someone to love and someone to love you for the rest of your life, then keep your baby. say screw the boy that got your pregnant, he obviously has no soul. if he did, he wouldnt make you go threw this.


mmm - October 7

god you lot actually believe this c___p?!


to a. - October 8

i think you should get an abortion. if you are stupid enough to get manipulated by a teacher then what kind of role model would you be for the baby. if you don't get the abortion, you will loose both people you care about in the world. all you are doing is making a sacrifice for love.


Maggie - October 8

Your body, your choice. My advice to you is go home to your family and tell them what is going on. I think this man you are with is dangerous. Please go home to your family, they love and care about you, not this man.


angry - October 9

somehow i dont think i believe your story. if you want attention, go elsewhere. if your situation is true, i apologise, but i do find it very hard to believe. YOU ARE VERY SILLY!!! i have been trying to concieve for a while now and every month that goes by is more heart breaking than the last and then theres people like you that DONT take responsiblility for your actions and create a beautiful and uniquie life just so it can be DESTROYED!!! that really breaks my heart. DO YOU KNOW WHAT CONDOMS ARE!!! try concidering adoption. at lesat the baby will get the life it deserves. too bad if you have to carry it for nine months. thats your problem now. i know it is the males fault as much as the females, but you must be responsible and realise if you dont want to be falling pregnant, NO GLOVE NO LOVE. please make the rith decision and give this baby the life it deserves.


sos - October 9

if u want the baby have it. he cant take him or her away from u! i myself got pregnant and i had an abortion and i am so ashamed now. i wish more than anything i hadnt done it. i did it bc my boyfriend told me i should he said we didnt need this right now. he was older and i thought he knew..but he was wrong. we broke up and he left me...and now i feel horrible. maybe i wasnt ready for a baby..but thast why u have family and they can help..and theres always adoption. i wish i wouldve had the baby and given him or her up for adoption. i killed a child..and that will ALWAYS haunt me! dont do it..unless ur sure..i thought i was and i thought id be ok..but right after i threw up everywhere and kept seeing signs that said..vaccuum and stuff like that and anti abortion hurts so bad to this day and that was well over a year ago. please go home..and tell your mom let her help..i told my mom and she told me to have it..i wish i woulsve listened. u can get into so much trouble for running away and by the way since he told u too and pretty sure he not only raped u..but he kidnapped u as well.. hes an idiot...go home and talk about it with someone who REALLY loves u and cares about u!


ok - October 10

This type of thing actually happens more than we would like to believe. C'mon who wants to believe their kid's teacher might have poor enough judgement to have an affair with a child. He has abused his authority and for this reason alone he should be reported. I am sure he wants you to abort because if this is found out his carrer is ruined. He can never teach again in your area, sometimes in the stroies that don't get big headlines, all the perpetrator has to do is move. That means this guy could be coming to a school district near you guys in disbelief. This scenario sounds cla__sic to me, he picks the not so popular girl who is having problems with her peers, and maybe problems at home, or is known to "sleep around". He does this and if she does tell, who's gonna believe her anyway? I guess that point has been proven by some of you here and you don't even know her. I am well aware that we get trolls looking for attention on this site all the time, even if this person is one, her story could very easily be true. How do I know? My best friend in highschool was dating the gym coach, she would tell her parents she was at my house when she was out with him. He was actually seeing several other girls too, one of them got pregnant. She left quietly with most everyone just thinking she was a "s___t", because she had a reputation for "sleeping around". He later moved onto another district, I have no doubt he kept doing this kind of thing. THere are others out there who never get found out. This guy is real piece of sh!t because he has "inspired" her to run away. What he has done is "inspire" her to keep his dirty little secret and what some of you have done is help him by automatically not believing her. My advice to anonymous is, if you have the courage, tell the truth. If you have even more courage keep the baby, as this sounds like what you really want to do. He can try to sue you for custody but he's not going to get bvery far once they find out about this student/teacher relationship. He is saying all of this stuff to bully and frighten you. Please make what ever decision you think is best for you, NOT him. He is a user who is continuing to use you to get what he wants. The things you have shared do not sound like things someone who loves you does.



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