To All Girls Who Think They Might Be Pregnant

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nikole - November 5

Information found on should not replace professional medical advice. The information and/or posts on this site are through personal research and opinions of individuals is not responsible for such. All material on this site is for sharing and support purposes only and is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for medical advice and / or treatment. Please consult your physician for information specific to your needs. We're not pregnancy tests so don't ask us if you're pregnant or not because I gaurantee not one person knows for sure.


Wow - November 6

Oh really. You are so right. Us teens can be so stupid and beleive everything we hear. (sarcasm)


Well... - November 6

She has a point doesn't she? If most of you were smart enough to know you need to take a test, why is every other post asking if they are pregnant? It does make you look rather stupid.


Gehnaw - November 6

You'd be surprised, Wow. How many topics have been made so far to the tune of "Hey, uh... I had unprotected s_x; do you guys think I'm pregnant?"


Kal - November 7

Actually ladies,I think the originator of the post has just copied and pasted the Terms and Conditions of So this wasn't intended as an attack on teens, nor was it intended to make a comment on the intelligence of people posting. It seems it really was just for information.


Emma - November 7

Well if ive had s_x withing the last 70 hours can i still take the pill or do i have to go to the doctor?


me - November 7

nearly every post on here is some dork asking if they are pregnant. How do they expect people to be able to tell them if they are? Don't know about anyone else but when I was 13 I knew the only way to tell was to get tested. It's not hard but there are some silly questions...


anyway - November 8

well maybe some girls may come on here asking simple questions about their bodies. if a girl gets her period after having s_x then she would think she is not pregnant. by asking a question on here she isn't completely ruling out any possibilities but simply asking about the chances that she could be pregnant. sometimes asking the question and finding the many answers can help someone prepare for a response that they may get for a pregnancy test



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