To All Pregnant Teens Worried About Labor

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someone - November 20

Hey you all, how are you feeling?? well i just thought i make a post where we teens who are pregnant can come and ask questions about labor and/or get/give advice/support or anything. btw i am not pregnant


mia - November 20

then why are u here


someone - November 20

Mia, because i know alot about labor and i thought i could help answer some questions.


someone - November 20

to Me, alot is one word. your the one who needs to go back to school. good grief


somebody else - November 21

that would be you're


someone - November 21

someone else, im sorry i didn't know this was grammar school.


o.O - November 21

A lot is TWO words not one. And yes, it is you're, not your.


:D - November 21

I think we should make it a GRAMMAR forum. :P


shut up - November 27 it is all 1 word you freaks


Um no - November 28

I know I should let it go, but "a lot" with a space is correct. I have a degree in English and I looked it up just to double check. Oxford American Dictionary. Someone, why do you know about labor ?


to shut up - November 28

I double-checked your dictionary reference- alot is one word ALOT- it is an acronym for something not a regular word. In normal writing "a lot" is correct and "alot" is wrong I'm dropping this now...


Hello! - November 28

It is "a lot" in Australia, too. I looked it up on an Aussie dictionary site,like you said...


wow - November 29

this is great... i remember back in middle school when i argued over mediocre things too. anyways, if someone had a question about labor and delivery, especially if they are young a frightened, then do you not realize they might be a little intimidated to post where there is such hostility?


concerned - November 29

well im scared about labor whether I really am pregnant right now or not eventually I would to someday but it is scary and I have no idea what to expect at all



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