To All The Quot Am I Pregnant Quot

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Kelsey - October 30

I am not trying to be rude, I know people come on this site for help and support. But really, take a HPT or go to the doctor if you think or are concerned about being pregnant. Sorry to say people on this site cannot tell if you are pregnant. Pregnancy Symptoms vary with everyone, so if you think you are talk to a professional or take the test, you are just wasting time by asking people on here. Sorry if I made anyone mad, it just gets old.


AGREED - October 31

Amen! ............. No one can tell you if you are pregnant. There are many signs and most of them are the same signs you get before you start your period. Asking people online if you are pregnant is just silly. Take a test and find out. At least half the board is filled with these threads.


CAROL - October 31

C'mon guys, we got front row tickets to their uterus! That's why they're asking. *Warning: for those who can't tell, this is called sarcasm*


Lacey - November 1

I understand what you mean, but some people just like to know what other people think. Maybe it's too early to get a test or they can't get to the store to get a test for a few days or can't go to the doctor.


Kelsey - November 2

I never said a word about abortion, or paying taxes, so where you came up with that I don't know. The point I wanted to get across was don't come on this forum begging us to tell you if you are pregnant. How the heck are we supposed to know? Almost every post is of some girl wanting to know if she is pregnant. Go to a doctor, go to the store and get a HPT, and God forbid they actually tell their parents. There are 3 perfect options that a person can take to find out if they actually are pregnant. If there is a will there is a way to find out. So next time you reply, maybe you should read into the conversation a little more.


Kayse - November 2

I did read it and like i said you dumba__s MAYBE they have no way of getting one because as you can see these are YOUNGER girls and some of them probably cant drive or have anyone that can take them or get them one and if you get sick of it then why do you even get on here because this little forum is called "teen pregnancy" if you havent noticed!!


Kelsey - November 2

Well DUMBASS the way you wrote it "if your going to b___h about abortion then don't b___h about your taxes going to these children" I don't even know how you came up with that because no one posted anything close to that. If younger girls can find a way to have s_x without their parents knowing, then they for sure can get a HPT. Also they are going to have to tell their parents somtime, so there is another option right there. It's really not that hard to find out the truth. This forum should not be all about girls freaking out about "if" they are pregnant. Find out for sure and if they are come back and they will have support. No one on here can predict if someone is freakin' pregnant geez, it's a waste of time.


Bonnie - November 2

Kayse stop being a tard. The poster never said a word about taxes or abortions, WTH did you come up with that? You obviously got your threads mixed up to jump down someone's throat for something that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. And you called her the dumba__s?? lol......For the record, I agree with the poster. It seems like every other post is "Am I pregnant?". As if we can reach through the monitor, into your uterus, and give you a pelvic exam? They are kind of silly questions, though I can understand someone being impatient and asking about signs and symptoms. But most of the signs aren't much different than your normal monthly anyway so why not just take the d__ned test and find out? I just skip over those threads myself. But it would help if people were more clear in the subject instead of "Please Help" so I could just pa__s over them.



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