To All The Anti Abortion People

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Sy - August 31

You're all brainwashed morons. You're not shaming anyone, just interfering in other peoples lives. Why bother? Go and find a website for people with your views and stay there. Let real, experienced people answer people's questions. None of you have any real and valid reasons for the c__p you write, just your biased, brainwashed, unknowledgeable views brought about by believing in something that doesn't exist.


Amber - August 26

To say that they are brainwashed morons is NOT what being pro-choice is all about. PRO-CHOICE: you choose for yourself. As for their opinions. Let them have them. Myself, I am pro-life for myself, but everyone has their CHOICE.


brittany - August 29

sometimes when youngs girls are pregnant and scared tehy think irrationally (ie: abortion) and they need to hear what really happens and that it isnt the only option. I am pro-choice, but my stepfather is an abortionist and it is crazy how soo many people go through with abortions without even knowing about them. people really do need to be informed about after effects and what happens during the process before they make such a rash decesion.


Shorty - August 29

THE THING IS.. no woman should be for abortion, no woman should be 100% willing to destroy their child and with no remorse. Good/valid reasons or not, no woman should be pro abortion, because any woman who does not care about something that she has created does not have a humaine bone in her body.


Katie - August 30

I don't find swearing offensive, i just find it a way of expresing yourself, witch is why i swore the rest of the comment was still a valid opinion. Shorty what you said is very true, i am for abortion, however that does not mean that everytime i get pregnant i'm about to rush of and get one. i think very hard before i make any decision


Mary - August 30

I think everyone deserves their own opinions and choices. It is not up to anyone who aborts and who doesnt, it's up to the MOTHER and the mother only. You DONT now what she's going through so dont call her 'baby killer' or try to stear her beliefs to fit yours. And I know this from experience, if I women is pregnant and needs an abortion, its not like she wants to, she probably, with all her heart, would lover to keep the child and raise it in her world, but simply can't do it. And to put a child up for adotion is far worse than aportion, the child will be lied to all its life, and when it does find out the truth, it can be very upsetting, and if it wants to get involved with the mothers life, it's hard. Would you want to see you're child in mid-life only just meeting you ...of course not! I don't want everyone freaking on me for what I said, I was just stating an opinion (And Im willing to hear yours) ...I'm not saying change your beliefs, just let others decide for themselves. And to the aniti-abortion people: I'm tired of hearing 'its murder' as your top argument!


Hello - August 30

EXCUSE ME!!!! UNEXPERIENCED! I have four children and that gives me all the experience I'll ever need you rediculous jacka__s. As for shaming anyone I personally would never dream of it.I just hope they can listen without prejudice to what this very experienced mother has to pa__s forward. As for beleiving in something that doesn't exist thats totally up to you but not everyone agrees with you. Actually more people beleive than not.


Shorty - August 30

"Pro Life" What does that mean? For Life. I think a majority of women are for the preservation of life in every way when they can. I dont think abortion should be a want, or even a need, it is more of "I have to" and that is a scary positon to be in, and we can sit here and b___h and argue until we are all blue in the face, but the fact is, every time I read these threads and read what people think in their own view ( besides the very few that think abortion is the new birth control pill), makes me realise that we are ALL right. Any woman who is faced with the possibility of abortion 95% of the time DOES NOT WANT TO BE THERE! And some women I know have had some ghastly expereinces going thru this procedure... do you honestly think they wanted to? We can sit here and cast judgement on each other for having conflicting arguments and continuiously throw the words "pro choice" and "its murder", but in the end, that is not helping anyone, that is not helping people that have suffered and tried to put it behind them, and it does not make anyone feel better about this issue, just angry and confused. My theory on this whole dillema now is, if society and us as people were not so quick to judge and actually supported people, no matter what situation they may face, as a parent, a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a partner and a friend, then maybe those (including myself) who have been faced with the position of abortion, would have different views because a single mum was not shunned apon, and having a disabled child was not the end of the world. The truth is, we all created this mess, and we are too busy tearing shreds off people who dont see what we do.


brucen - August 30

Shorty -- very nice!


brucen - August 31

That about sums it up. I couldn't agree more.


.. - September 23

killing your own child.........................................HARSH i dont know who cud do that...


a__s - September 27

i think u r gay......oo0o yea pro choice


a__s - September 27

i think u r gay......


Sy - September 27

I am. Are you? Wanna bunk up?


Tegan - September 29

If baby killer is an evil comment, then what about the people who actually do it, so its ok to do but when someone talks about it its evil. Just because you are pregnant and feel you don't want to or can't keep the baby it doesnt mean you should "kill it" there is always adoption but oh i forgot some women are too selfish to give up 9 months of their life to save and innocent child and give him into the arms of a loving couple. When someone is a__sence do we just kill them? And don't talk to me about "the psychological damage of adoption". If there is a living creature, even if that living creature is inside YOUR body it does not give you the right to kill, why a__sume that your life is more important than the life of the child? Why put the mother first?


Hilary - September 29

Why do people have abortion? Because if they don't want to havea child then they shouldn't have s_x, but i can understand if they get rapped but you would still have the kid and you could give it up for an adobtion


Jen - September 29

I agree. Let us decide what to do with our bodies and you do what you want with yours. I am looking to adopt a baby.i posted my email address in another post but I still feel like a woman should not be forced into anything.......having a baby or giving one up for adoption or keeping a baby that they are not ready to carry or care for. The anti abortion people should not tell women what to do with their bodies.... I think we should all make informed decisions but you don't know what a person has been through or what is right or wrong for them. We should support these girls and give them all their options.



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