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meredith880 - November 23

I see so many teens on here that want abortions or that dont want to get one but are affriad they cant take care of a baby or scared of what their families think. I just want to say here and now if you cant or dont want to keep your baby PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION. There are SO MANY families out there that cant concieve and are looking to adopt babies. Its unreal how many their are out there! So think about it long and hard before you step into that clinic. Like someone i know on here says (elisibeth S) when you get pregnant again after an abortion you are not pregnant with the same soul and it isnt tissue and cells in your tummy. Its a baby. A baby thats heart started beating the moment it was concieved. Its a baby that wants to come into the world and be loved by parents. Just think about it. I have a baby at age 15 and he was sick with a genetic blood disorder his entire life. He had to go throuh chemo and have a bone marrow transplant and i lost him to the disease 2 months ago. He was only 2 and a half years old. I miss him dearly and i cant imagine life without him. I too thought about abortion when i found out i was pregnant. My parents were very dedicated christians and didnt believe in s_x before marriage. I told them about it and they were sad but they supported me and loved my son dearly. I hope this helps girls out there that havent made a decision yet.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

If there are sooo many who want to adopt then how come there are millions of childrens around the world in orphanages...hmmmm? Now...knock it off...we dont want another debate...sometimes adoption isn't right for some people.


Chris1975 - November 23

I agree with precious baby....even carrying the baby to full term can alter ones life completely (or ruin it), which was the whole reason for wanting the abortion to avoid that in the first place...Plus it places extra guilt on the mother having to hand over her newborn , who by this time might have been kicked out of school, or kicked out of home, only to now lose her child as well. Thats why we have the freedom of choice these days. And yes, there are way too many orphaned children in the world already. Im really sorry to hear about your story tho. I wish you lots of happiness in your future.


durante baby - November 23

You see so many teens on here who want abortions?? Acturally you really dont see girls on here that often talking about their options, because it will cause a big debate. I beleive there is one pulled up right now, that I remember from back in 2003-2004 area, but nothing recent, because everyone knows it will cause problems....just like this thread will.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

This is a teen pregnancy board. I mean..why want to post something that will make teens who have chosen to keep their babies upset? I mean. There is no need. Some come here and they want questions to whether or not they are pregnant but you can't make them choose that abortion is wrong. Sometimes adoption isn't always right for the person. I'm sorry for what you went through and it must have been hard..and good for you. But not everyone is you. Sometimes people need to figure it out on their own and choose whats right for THEM..sure..people aren't going to like what their decision is sometimes but THEY dont care what YOU think. YOU aren't in their you can't judge why someone does choose abortion. Now this thread isn't needed because in the end most of the teens on this board are having their babies and keeping them.


durante baby - November 23

Also.....Re reading your post. I am sorry for your loss, I really am. But Im not to sure if I see how your story connects with teens haveing abortions or not. You said that you had your baby at 15, so you are about 17 now? How do you know more then any of these other girls? Did you come on here to preach, or to look to adopt. Either way still a bad idea. I have learned over the years that once someone sets their mind frame on a decision in this matter you cant change it, so why even bother..This country makes it a womans choice, for a reason!


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

shes saying that if she can do it...raise a kid that young or not have an abortion even though her parents detest the idea of s_x before marriage..then we should all be able todo it because abortion is wrong..etc. get it now db?


AddysMummy - November 23

I really don't see many teens on here that want an abortion.


durante baby - November 23

I see i see..hmm, yes I am sure her situation sucked, but I think any 15 year old who gets pregnant and doesnt plan it has a really sucky situation...Its like when I was 18 and pregnant with my first son and the dr ran me through my options on my first dr visit...I was very offended. This post kinda makes it seem like half or more of these girls think or plan on abortion when they dont...They have to have an abortion information forum somewhere on the internet that she can go to instead of here or something.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

shes just judging people...


jennifer_33106 - November 23

What a ridiculous post!! YAY!!! Now hopefully I have something to do with my day after Thanksgiving since I refuse to go shopping today. I dont want to be pummelled. But anyways to the OP, Get over it. Honestly. Everyones situation is different. What is right for one person may not be right for another.


tish212 - November 23

I haven't noticed a recent post of smeone wanting an abortion theres an old post someone brought back up from like 2 years ago..but honestly this is an uncalled for post if a teen has decided abortion is her option then it is up to her...I'm not for abortion but I'm not dead set against it either. I don't think mentally it would be a good idea for a 15 year old to "carry" a child for an unfortunate family. I realize there are families out there who can't have kids and are desperate to adopt...but to have a teen carry a baby (like some surrogate or something) is kinda is not a walk in the park to bean adult and pregnant let alone a teen trying to attend school and make her place in this world. then to give birth to a child that she carried for 9 months to give it away.... I will not get in the is it a human is it a cluster of cells debate but when a sperm meets an egg and it becomes a zygote(sp) it does not have a heartbeat sorry. that's the point of conception.


grow_up - November 23

In all honesty back off. Every girl who gets pregnant knows adoption is an option. Do you think it's going to be easier for a 14 or 15 year old to terminate the pregnancy early on, or go through with the pregnancy, possibly have to miss a year of school, deal with the hell of being pregnant at such a young age, and then be tormented the rest of their lives because they know they have a child out there who isn't allowed to know who they are until they are 18? A few years down the line they're going to mature and start missing the baby they gave up, wonder how he or she is doing, if they're being treated well, what they look like. Perhaps you think it's the right thing to do, but what's right for one person isn't what's right for all.


hope-31 - November 23

the problem i have with abortion is people who use it as a form of birth control.those people need to be forced to have their tubes tied,then they wont have to worry about really using birth control that they never thought about before.


angel_on_earth - November 23

What an absolute f*cking jacka__s you are...honestly why would you come on here and say this?:?? I"m sorry you lost your child but this is not the place to do this....your experience is NOT the same as everyone else! Every person is different and its really inappropriate to lay this guilt down here...jeez get a clue.


pomny143 - November 23

I am no longer a teen, but I like to take a look in here and check up on everyone. This post is completely ridiculous. Opinions are like a**holes, evryone has one and everyone should keep them to themselves! No matter i fyou are a teen or a grown woman, we live in this country to have the choice. That is what it is, a personal choice that no one in the world has the right to judge! Whether you agree with abortion or not is not the issue. The issue is allowing others the ability to make up their own minds and not to be pressured either way!


GimmeaBub - November 24

Meredith a very bad mistake on your part, we all have our opinions but you are ona pregnancy forum and remember abortion is a sensetive subject, it can really work people up. I for one have experienced an abortion but as someone has said, there is absolutely no excuse to use abortion as birth control and also the baby's heart doesnt start beating to 5 weeks, not from conception. I am sorry to all who are against abortion i hate talking about it, but the option is there, you can preach and preachas much as you like, if a person who has an abortion has to deal with the consequences then so be it, everytime you get ina car and drive really fast there are consequences if you cheat on your partner there will be consequences. Everything has consequences but people are given choices it's the beauty of being born with a voice to be heard. Goodluck



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