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grow_up - November 24

Oh and to sarah - it's not considered murder if somebody hits you in the stomach and the baby dies when the embryo or fetus is not even old enough to live outside the womb. Sorry to burst your bubble, abortion is legal up to 20 weeks, which I do agree is a little far for me to be comfortable with, but a fetus cannot live outside it's mother at 20 weeks so in the eyes of the law it is not considered murder either way.


meredith880 - November 27

There are so many kids around the world because if you adopt out of the united states it costs around 40 to 50 THOUSAND dollars to adopt a baby. In the states their arent many AT ALL. And Babies get taken faster than any other kid sadly. Im just saying i went though a situation like alot of girls on here like them saying "i cant tell me parents cause they will kill me" and stuff. Thats how it was for me but i kept him and my parents loved him


tish212 - November 27

you obviously don't know anything about america...I am licensed by the state for foster and adoptive care...and there are just as many orphans here as anywhere else...yes babies go long as they are healthy and most of the time white... but there are still tons only 6months and older waiting to be adopted... most of these kids will never get adopted either b/c they have health problems or are members of a sibling group....or they aren't the correct race for what people want (i am not racisit just stating the facts) .... and that's sad...just look at the site it is full of american children waiting for a family. like I said b4 abortion is still a choice and its her choice to make...even if it were made illegal people would still find a way to get it. carrying a baby to term at such young age could mess up her life...she could lose friends...lose her teachers and older peers could affect her grades etc... and then for her to carry a baby and try to give it away...that could damage her forever .... yes some people get abortions and feel bad after and I can't blame them... but to give ur baby away for adoption could have much worse consequences on her emotionally.... I do not agree that this post should have ever been made.... its a waste of space here.... maybe u should post under the adoption forum...not in here.


meredith880 - November 28

Everyone on here that is young and getting pregnant when then didnt plan to SHOULD HAVE USED A CONDOM IF THEY DIDNT WANT THE RESPONSABILITY OF A BABY, for god sakes they are all using abortion as a type of brith control for their mistakes when they could have prevented it.


grow_up - November 28

Condoms are NOT 100% effective, neither is birth control. Did you ever ONCE stop and think perhaps some DID protect themselves properly and they were unlucky enough that thier precausions didn't work? No, because you don't think, you just judge peoples decesions.


meredith880 - November 28

Maybe you should just not have s_x than huh? LOOK IT UP THOSE ARE BABIES YOUR KILLING


grow_up - November 28

Actually, at 3-4 weeks it's still a clump of cells


grow_up - November 28

Maybe people shouldn't get raped either


tish212 - November 29

they are not using abortion as birth get over urself on that one.... some girls don't know the chances of pregnancy...and may have s_x unprotected...should they be blamed? no the people who left them uneducated should be. condoms aren't always effective...and some guys don't know how to use them properly is that the girls and grow up is right too a girl who is raped should in no way be forced to carry a child to remind her of a horrific experience. these girls don't need ur judgements they need support... teenage girls should not be used to carry babies for couples who wish to adopt...that's not mentally or physically healthy for them....abortion is an option and for many reasons... take ur prolife tree hugging a$$ somewhere else...these girls don't need u guilt trip.... people make mistakes...that's life.... quit judgeing others for that isn't ur place or right! go away now shoo! *picks up rolled up newspaper* I said shoo!


GimmeaBub - November 29

Happy Thanks Giving you americans lol, sorry in australia we dont have the pleasure of having a thanksgiving! Hope you all were eating well for thoes Baby's! :)


durante baby - November 29

meredith880- Did you not have s_x til you were married? accidents happen! I think we have all agreed that people who have abortions as a form of bc, need to have their vajayjay stiched shut. There is rarely anyone on this forum though who talks about getting an abortion.....I am Pro choice to a point where. I think it is your decision if it is under so many weeks, if you have been raped, or if there is some life altering desease involve with the baby or pregnancy.....In most cases though when someone truely has an accident and becomes pregnant. Mabey the choice is better for them, mabey they cant raise a child, or afford to give a baby/child a good life. Think about what you are preaching! It really is nuts!`



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