To All Wondering If You Re Pregnant

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Hesse - November 2

Look, I've looked at this board, and I've noticed a lot of the girls wondering if they're pregnant are having unprotected s_x. Why don't you just use condoms? They're cheap (free at clinics), easy to use, and don't ruin the mood, trust me. They're easy to carry on you, in your purse or by your bed, and it would solve a LOT of these issues. Now, I know some of you actually used a condom, and are still wondering, that's a completely different subject. To you trying to use either the "pull-out" method or the rhythm method, THEY RARELY WORK. Just go down to the corner store, and but some condoms. And if you're "too uncomfortable" or "too young" to buy them, maybe you should re-think having s_x.


yes!!!! - November 3

i agree!!!!!


evie! - November 3

yeah i sooo agree with what you just said!! even tho im 15!! i had unproected once!! and im never doing it again!! im on b/c...and i make my boyfriend use a condoms!


Hisamie - November 5

I agree, if your going to have s_x be smart about it. ANd if your too young to buy condoms then it probaly means your too young to have s_x.


maci - November 16

well i for one think that condoms do ruin the mood cuzz u can feel them the whole time it feels better without one..but what i did is what i got im 4 weeks prego but im not mad or ashamed


Hisamie - November 16

To Maci- I agree it does feel better without a condem. But its better to have what protection you can for the fact that some girls aren't ready to have a child, espiacly around my age. As I said before, if your going to have s_x, be smart about it. Don't have your life changed dramticaly just becuase you wanted it to feel better.


maci - November 16

to hisamie ya yr right babies get brung into this world n dont even get treated right...i for one have been around kids since i was 10 n babysittin them all the the time since then and im about 17 now and i knwo ill be able to give my baby everything it needs


niki - November 17

I have a question! once you have had unprotected s_x and think you might be pregnant but you started your period can you still be pregnant while your on your period?


maci - November 17

yeh u can be pregnant on your period but it doesnt happed that mych


Hisamie - November 18

Yes you can be pregnant while on your period. It doesn't happen often but more then people believe. The hormone level HCG isnt high enough for you body to register if you are pregnant or not. With that in mind you can't really do an HPT becuase it wont be able to detect if your pregnant or not.


Karen - November 18

Condom's don't always work, obviously. My child is proof.


CAROL - November 18

I agree with the original poster. Your best bet to avoid pregnancy is to combine two methods, ie, the condom and the pill, or at least use a condom and spermicide. But always use a condom to avoid STD exposure.


Hisamie - November 18

I have even heard cases where a condom and the pill together dont even work. its rarer still but it has happened. And I use a condom that had sermicide on it (Trojan) And now I am here possibly pregnant. There is always that risk no matter what methods you use. But its better to have some safety rather then none.



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