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Maryanne - October 21

This post is to Amanda who posts some very bad advice all over this site. Not just under the teen pregancy heading, but others as well. Amanda, this forum is for adults who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or are parents, or just have questions or curiosity about pregnancy. This is not a place for a VERY young, naive and inexperienced (do not read "stupid", that isn't what I said) girls to come here telling other teenagers that it is OK to be married at 14. My cousin is 14 and if she ever seriously went to her parents with the idea of marrying a 21 year old man, she would end up seeing stars and the guy would be arrested or beaten badly! I feel very sorry that you will not experience a child's life for yourself, that you will have to live it through the poor child you are trying to have right now. If you have a daughter I want you to imagine her at 13 or 14 spreading her legs (sorry, but its true right?) for some MAN! The mere thought should make you want to puke. So your own mother, who according to you loved the idea of your getting married at 14, must be very mentally unstable. I am curious about her medicine cabinet. Either that, or she just couldn't wait to get you out of the house! Your husband is definitely a certifiable perv!!!! He must have thought he hit the jackpot when he found you and your brain-dead mother to go along with his twisted needs. You mention how the s_x is GREAT. Well, how would you know really? I mean, how many points of comparison do you have? You said you met him, he was 19 and you were 12. So how many guys did you have s_x with before him where you can honestly form an oppinion about what const_tutes good s_x?? If you had no s_x before him, then you have nothing to compare the s_x to, so I can't take your "great s_x" comment all that seriously. Does this guy have desires for young girls? It could be pathologic you know. Don't his friends laugh at him? I'm sorry but when I was 12 years old, I think I would have founf a guy that much older than me, pretty skeevy. Your mental state worries me because you are trying to have a child and bring it into this sick household you have going. You stated that you graduated High School. But you are only 16. I know you were not smart enough to skip a grade! I'm just fascinated by a young person who comes onto these forums to lie and exagerate. If a young girl gets pregnant by accident and is sincerely looking for advice, she can come here and get it. But it's girls like you, who come here to start trouble and rile everyone up that make me laugh. You come here with your "support" for 15 year old's trying to get pregnant, basically telling them to go for it, telling them just what they want to hear! Advice and comments like that are poison to a civil society! These girls don't want to be mothers, they just want to be pregnant. they watch TV and hear fantastical stories about strange cravings and sending their husbands out in the middle of a stormy night for some obscure food item and they think that is what pregnancy really is. Pregnancy is not about a cute little waddle down the street, or everyone paying attention to you, or a nice perfectly round belly. Pregnancy is not about nurseries and baby showers and tiny little socks. It's not about "eating for two". Pregnancy is about preparation. It's the very last 9 months you will have for the REST OF YOUR LIFE where you come first. It's about adapting a healthy lifestyle and making good choices. It's about taking care of yourself for the sake of someone else. You are not ALONE in your pregnancy. A woman is a PARTICIPANT in it. There is a person inside of you, depending on your doing the right thing for it. And for you to encourage young people to go out and get pregnant is reprehensible. They are not mature enough to take on motherhood. Our bodies and minds DO NOT grow at the same rate. Just because you get your period doesn't make you a woman or an adult. These girls don't comprehend that pregnancy is a temporary state and that after that baby is born, the attention will wane off the mother completely. The novelty of the baby will wear off. And she will be left to her own devices with that child. Her friends will ooh and ahh for a few weeks, but then it's off to the proms, dances, parties, clubs, movies etc. to live a real teenagers life. Her friends will most likely stop calling. Not because they are bad people or were not real friends, but a teenage mother's life stops whereas unfettered teens can go on and be free. They don't want to get stuck with their friend and her baby all the time! They'll go off to college and she'll stay home because her own mother is sick of babysitting. She'll get a part time job and supplement her income with welfare and WIC. Her baby will get substandard medical care because the only coverage she has is Medicaid. She'll spend much of her time waiting on long lines at state agencies of all kinds just trying to get one kind of benefit or another. Her boyfriend will be LONG GONE by now. Probably going out with some other girl who has no babies! You say you have a nice house, money, working husband etc. I hardly believe any of that, but if it is true, please understand that this is not the case for most if not all teenagers! Teens are living at home with their parents. Stop being irresponsible and giving this horrible advice to girls who are obviously very mixed up by wanting children so young. You see every piece of knowledge we try to pass onto them as "judgement". That is from the inpenetrable wall you have up inside your head. And honestly, if these girls don't need a little harsh judgement, I don't know who does. Take your money, go to college. You obviously have the time for it.


preach it - October 21




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