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Marissa - February 27

To any teens that have question. I can help you with it. I'm a 15 year old with a 2 month old baby girl.


katie - February 27

congrats on ur baby 24wks pregnant rite now.and cnt wait till my baby is born its goin b a girl apparently.but tell me wat was labour like 4 u???


* - February 28

I really don't think that you should be bragging about having a baby at 15. Like really, come on.


becca - February 28

congrats marrisa, to * yea okay she is young but to have a child at any age is an amazing thing shut up


Marissa - February 28

i agree with becca


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

You NO are just being stupid! I am a 19 year old with a 7 month old baby girl, the doctors from the time she was born was amazed at my parenting skills and how I knew just what to do and that older people come in and have babies and don't have the slightest clue as to what they are doing, or how to even change a diaper!! I am a loving mother and I have just purchased a house and have 2 vehicles and my own home business that is doing SO well! And I am having a second child in about a year or so. My child is advanced in her learning, a sweet snuggley little angel, and everyone...even older mothers tell me that I am their insperation! So to say that being a mother at a young age is so horrible is not only unfair, but also untrue! I am doing so much better then MANY older people. Teenagers seem to be able to relate better to their children and have all the engery and compa__sion in the world. When you hear in the news about a mother leaving her child in a car while she runs in somewhere to a store or casino, and the child either freezes to death, or dies of heat exaustion, is it ever a teen mother?? The answer is NO. You hear of these crazy women drownding their children or killing their children thinking they are saving their children, they were all in their early and late 30's. Don't steriotype young mothers before you experience first hand and know everyones situation and story, we just might surprise you. And you comming on here saying mean things to young mothers just goes to show what a great parent you are! :P Get a life, and start taking care of your kids! :) ~Skye Saunders~ Born July 27th, 2004 at 5:24 am, a 16 hour labour..I know crazy, but SO well worth it! Last weight at 6 and a half months at 17.8lbs.! Saying mom and dad, cut two teeth, walking with a__sistance, and getting up in the crawling position! Our little angel!


Karrie - March 1

I agree with becca, having a baby is an amazing thing no matter what age you are. I have not had any children of my own yet, other than my 4 year old God-Daughter. I know several people who have had children, and just seeing them go through the pregnancy and being mothers is just an amazing thing to watch, and occasionaly help out with the care of the babies. Congrats to Katie and Marissa, I hope your babies will grow to be strong and healthy. To Katie, I hope you have a safe and healthy delivery of your baby. God Bless. :)


becca - March 1

yes, we are a bit dumb for getting pregnant i think we all know that but it dosent mean we are slags or are going to be bad mothers mabey its going to be harder for us but we will get there and im going to make sure my baby has everything it needs why are teen mums branded slags and stupid when a baby is an amazing thing to have and not everything happens when you want it to i think your being a bit judgemental



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