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brittany - September 3

I am 16 and currently 5 months pregnant. My boyfriend is 22, and he is completely supportive and we've living together and our families have already given us everything we need, we are sooo well supported. As i scrolled through some of these entries, i was mad and hurt by some of the comments that a few people made. You act as if we asked to get pregnant..h__lo! not all of us had unprotected s_x, condoms and birth control dont ALWAYS work. Im so tired of hearing people say that your child will grow up to be disappointed in you and other things cause you were a teenager when you had it...that is the most untrue statement i have heard in a long time. Many of us work everyday, our boyfriends/ significant others work everyday, and we really do try..we know we made a mistake but we picked ourselves up and started all over..We all are going through difficult times, and you should not condemn someone at one of their most vulnerable times. I know out of 75% of teen parents, their children will have such a better life and future than more than half of the kids i know who have older parents and "full families". I respect every single teenage mother and pregnant girl out there..and you should too. We had enough courage to go through with our pregnancy, we didnt hide our mistake with an abortion, we didnt consider adoption, we know that this baby was given to us because of what we have done, not what it had done. I think teenage moms are some of the bravest people i know, and instead of telling us we are sinners, to get abortions, that we wont amount to anything, that our children will suffer, that our realationships wont last, or even that our babies will resent should applaud us, not for what we did, but for how we are handling our situation..these girls are a lot braver than half of you "posters" will ever be..


[email protected] - August 30

THANK YOU! Finally someone that speaks up. I totally agree with you. Im 15 and 3 months pregnent and my bf is in Iraq. We used a condum. I never once thought about abortion. And Im sick of people telling me that I can't do it like my bfs mom she said that we could never do this. she is a major b___h she even said if i wont get an abortion that her adopting the baby was the last thing to do. F*** her this is our baby her son is old enough to take care of his baby he is so happy so saportive and he even asked my mom to move in so when he comes home the baby will be about a month old anyways he said that he wanted to move in so he can be with his baby's more ( me and the baby) People just need to realize that not every teen mother messes up and hurts there kids or neglects them like 1 outa 50 do that because of stupid people out there they tell them they cant do it and it gets stuck in there head and thats what happens they dont do it but anyways im glade you spoke up and Good Luck to you and your new family


britt - August 31

no problem :o) good luck to you too. It's nice to see another girl whose boyfriend supports them- just one more thing people are wrong about..they say that most of the time the guys leave and blah blah blah..but im already living with my boyfriend..good luck to you and him hope all goes well :o)


brittany - August 31

my boyfriend calls me and our bump his babies i <3 it


Sam - August 31

Hey im 16 and 7 months pregnant-you are both lucky that you have supportive bf's-i did'nt and we split up about a month and half ago(he had been cheating on me with a 37 year old woman)..but im just glad i found out what he was like before my baby is born.When i was about 3 months pregnant i went to the shop with my mum n the woman that worked there talks to my mum-my mum told her that i was pregnant n the woman in the shop was being so rude 2 me-she asked me why i had'nt had an abortion,told me i cant handle having a baby at 16 and even someone else that was in the shop(who i did'nt even know)come up and started telling me i should have an abortion(my mum was p__sed off and told them to lay off)and i was nearly in tears,ive also had enough of people asking why i did'nt have an abortion and telling me i wont cope and am i going to keep the baby..anyway-Gud luck with your pregnancys-if any of u wanna chat heres my email addy [email protected] :-D


Bri - August 31

My mother was a teenage mom & I hated her for not being able to give me what other kids have. Yes, she did finish school and even went on to college but that doesn't matter now.


brittany - August 31

bri- well our children wont be raised to be little brats either. sorry that you cant resepct your mom for giving you her best, but im sure our kids will. and dont worry my child already has the best of the best, and will continue to have that. I know many kids who have ADULT parents who resent them too all depends on the people not their age.


Bri - August 31

ok, Brittany whatever that's why your parents allowed you to date a 22 year old guy who knocked you up. Sounds you learned how to give a child a great upbringing.


Gina - August 31

Your guy is 22. Please.........If your parents were GREAT PARENTS they would throw that man in jail for having s_x with a minor. That is illegal in most if not all states. Stupidity learns from stupidity.


Faith - August 31

I think what people are frustrated with are the fact that teenagers cannot support themselves much less a baby. Therefore, most times taxpayers end up supporting these families. Brittany, you said yourself that "our families have already given us everything we need, we are sooo well supported". Sorry, ADULTS do that for themselves they don't need their families (mommy & daddy) to do it for them. You also said you work, you and your boyfriend. Where do you work, Burger King (I am truly not being sarcastic)? Where does your boyfriend work? Does he have a college degree-- I suspect not because if he had gone to college he would have found a college girl to date not a 16 year old to get pregnant (not being mean but realistic). The type of jobs you currently have are most likely just that JOBS not careers that can provide enough financial support to raise a child or a growing family. Sorry again, young lady but if you would do some research you would discover that statistically teenage relationships or marriages do end in seperation or divorce. They don't last forever. You have to be realistic that the odds are already against you regardless of your feeling that with a positive att_tude it will all work out. Positive att_tudes are warm and cozy words but they don't necessarily bring on reality. Also, did you pull this 75% out of a hat-- statistically it is the opposite. 75% of teen parents result in poverty. Research it before you throw out percentages.


Mary - August 31

Extremely well said. Being pregnant can be the scariest thing to go through for a girl, ESPECIALLY as a young teenager! I admire you and how brave you were to bring up a child. And it's good to hear your parents are supportive over everything you're going through. The only thing I have to say is, people ages 12-14 (or even younger) should NOT be having s_x! That's something I don't take too lightly. They do deserve support and help, but, I don't think kids that age should even consider a s_xual relation with ANYONE! They are still kids!


Kevin - August 31

Sure your man is supportive now but as soon as he finds a woman his a__s will be gone. How do you know he is not F***ing one right now. Every guy knows woman P***Y is better than girl and that what you are.


Sherry - August 31

First of all, I am shocked that your parents are so laid back about you dating much less living with a 22 year old. My parents would have kicked his a__s the second he asked me out! Why would a 22 year old want to date a 16 year old unless he is a loser and can't get a girl his own age? I am not trying to be mean but you act like you have it all figured out and once you are an adult you will look back at this moment and realize that you did not have a clue. I certainly hope this is your only baby until you reach adulthood because I think once you have the baby, you will realize that you are too young to be playing house and you will have to live with it. Honestly, the odds are already against you. Your relationship will not survive into your twenties regardless of


Sherry - August 31



Sherry - August 31

Continued... how much you think it will right now. I hope you are prepared for that. Otherwise, you are in for alot of heartache. Also, if you don't want peoples opinions, bad or good, you should not post. I wish you luck cuz you're gonna need it!


Sandy - August 31

Brittany and the first post-- I hope you grow-up & get a reality check soon cuz you are in for a rude awakening.


Bailey - August 31

You are nuts! I am a pregnant teen and I even know how nutty this is. You sound like you have the Partridge Family going on. If you don't want the truth from people don't get on the forum.



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